How FileMaker Powers Mobile Solutions

Claris FileMaker is designed to make custom databases available to virtually everyone. This accessibility is a key component, not just in terms of ease of use and flexibility (although it certainly checks those boxes), but also in terms of how end users can literally access these databases.

Currently, FileMaker offers built-in support for desktop, web, and mobile phones, allowing for interfacing from anywhere and from (almost) any device. This allows businesses to focus on use-cases and problem-solving, as opposed to worrying about device compatibility.

FileMaker Go is the specific application that allows for this, available on both Android and Apple phones or tablets. This allows for much more efficiency during development. As opposed to creating two similar applications in parallel, FileMaker can effectively automate the process of adapting a desktop application for mobile. There are a few steps required, but they’re simple and time efficient (especially in comparison to building a mobile application from the ground up).

It’s as simple as dropping existing windows into a container designed for mobile. Some designs might require tweaks to the layout, especially in terms of button placement and size, to make navigating on a touchscreen device more intuitive. 

These applications can then be shared with FileMaker Server, allowing users to navigate the application and update information in real time. This is perfect for businesses that have employees doing a variety of work in a variety of locations (like a warehouse and office), employees who do remote/hybrid work, and companies that have employees in the field. Conversely, feature sets and layouts can be turned into an offline, self-contained solution. 

By default, FileMaker Go also allows users to take pictures and record video, scan barcodes, use electronic signatures, and manage local files, all within the app. This allows for each of these items to be implemented into workflows.

For example, warehouse workers can use tablets to scan the barcodes of incoming or outgoing shipments. These shipments are then automatically updated in the database in real-time. Now everyone, from the sales team to the accountants, knows if an order has shipped, and can take next steps.

Similarly, employees can draft invoices while visiting a client, and the client can sign and provide payment all through the app. For businesses with employees in the field, FileMaker Go makes conducting business much more efficient.

It’s worth noting that FileMaker Go is designed to function as an extension of FileMaker, not a replacement. That is to say, users cannot add new files or create databases and feature sets within FileMaker Go. FileMaker Go still requires these platforms to be built out within FileMaker proper, but once they are, exporting them to the mobile application is easy.

If FileMaker and FileMaker Go sound like they’d be great additions to your business’s toolkit, Kyo Logic is happy to help. Just click here to request a consultation, and we’ll show you all the ways a custom application can streamline your operations.

Understanding the Nuances of Mobile Design

There are virtually countless considerations to make when designing a website or application: typefaces and font hierarchies, design elements, colorways, workflows, CTAs… the list is endless. Most importantly, brands must envision how these elements coalesce to provide a positive user experience that’s reflective of your offerings.

Half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, and Apple and Android applications are naturally being accessed from a phone or tablet. Understanding how users interact with a mobile device is critical in optimizing the user experience.

When designing a website intended for both desktop and mobile, the most obvious difference is alignment. Monitors and laptop screens are traditionally horizontal, while phones are vertical. A gorgeous pop-out menu with dozens of items might look amazing on desktop, but squished or cut-off on a phone. Intricate fonts that make your brand stand out might be virtually unreadable on a mobile device. Text can get squished. Buttons may feel out of reach.

Organize Content for Mobile

As mentioned, great desktop sites don’t translate well to an optimal mobile experience. Cramming detailed menus and complex infographics onto a tiny screen just doesn’t work. Vertical dropdown menus make navigating a website much simpler for mobile users. 

Collapsible categories are also incredibly useful. Browsing dozens of options on a desktop is fine, but daunting on mobile. Allowing users to hide or show relevant categories will ensure their precious screen real estate isn’t being taken over by info that isn’t necessary for their experience.

Be Mindful of Touchscreens

A critical button or menu at the top of a screen might not mean much for desktop users, but it’s effectively out of reach for visitors on mobile. People tend to browse on their phones with one hand. Their other hand might be preoccupied holding a subway pole, a baby, or any number of other things. As such, placing menus and CTAs at the bottom of the screen— where their thumbs can easily reach— makes for a much better user experience.


The faster a user can complete a task, the better. Mobile applications and sites should prioritize their primary function above all else. For example, an ecommerce app should make it easy for users to open the app, find their products, and make a purchase. This may involve placing a core group of popular items front and center, as opposed to the eye-catching graphics they would’ve seen on the desktop site.

Long, drawn-out forms are also discouraging for mobile users. Simplify the number of fields when possible, or place them on multiple screens.

Integrate Other Phone Applications

Mobile users expect certain functionalities when selecting them on their phone. For example, a contact page with a phone number and email should open those related applications. Links to relevant apps in their app store and addresses that open a map application are also considered standard integrations.

Optimized mobile designs mean less obstacles and pain points for customers to navigate. The easier an app is to use, the more likely a customer can access the information they need to have a successful interaction. If you’re looking for ways to design a fantastic mobile app for your company, Kyo Logic would love to hear from you. You can contact us here.

Introduction to FileMaker and SQL

Introduction to FileMaker and SQL

Are you looking for a way to take your FileMaker Database to the next level? Harnessing the power of SQL in FileMaker can help you streamline and easily access more of your data.

What is SQL and what are the benefits?

SQL is an abbreviation for structured query language and is a standardized programming language best used for managing a relational database. SQL also allows you to perform various operations on data and is used by developers to write data integration scripts and setting up and running analytical queries.

When using SQL in FileMaker you can there are many different benefits such as:

    • Quickly obtaining data for use in scripts
    • Versatility: Summarize, Join, Union, Find Within
    • Requires no persistent structures
    • Potentially very fast
    • Completely programmable

Well, this all sounds great but how do you get SQL to run in FileMaker?

With the latest versions of FileMaker, you can utilize the ExecuteSQL() function right within FileMaker which will allow you to perform select queries. SQL works well with Let functions and is often used to store data in global variables. Both simple or complex arguments can be entered into an SQL statement.

Additional FileMaker and SQL Recourses:

SQL is a great way to utilize your data in FileMaker. Whether writing simple or complex arguments you will be able to quickly use the ExecuteSQL() function in FileMaker to perform queries.

If you would like to harness the power of your data in FileMaker but do not want to do the heavy lifting contact us today.

FileMaker Go Rated Best App of 2017

FileMaker Go Ranked Top App of 2017

FileMaker Go was ranked one of the best iPad apps of 2017, in a recent article published by PC Magazine. This ranks FileMaker with other productivity products like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Mint.

FileMaker Go

What is FileMaker Go?

FileMaker Go is a FREE app that allows you to connect directly with a FileMaker Pro database. This allows users to can productive no matter where they are.  According to Jeffrey Wilson, Senior Analyst, Software, at PC Magazine “The database program’s excellent design, multiple file layouts, integrated search, digital signature capture, and charting capabilities make it a must-download app for FileMaker users. You still can’t create new files, but FileMaker Go will keep you productive while on the go.”.

With the FileMaker platform, you can easily create customized apps for your business needs. Within a few hours or days, you can build out a customized app to start managing contacts, projects, inventory and much more. The FileMaker Platform comes equipped with the following powerful features:

  • Built-in Reporting
  • Easy integration options
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cross-platform capabilities

To learn more about the FileMaker Platform and how to implement the power into your company email Kyo Logic at or call 203-221-3033!

FileMaker 15 Release Events

Join Kyo Logic at the Apple Store, Westfarms or Boylston Street, for an exclusive FileMaker event showcasing the new FileMaker 15 Platform. Discover how this latest platform provides stronger essentials to make custom business apps that work seamlessly across Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, and the web. Learn about the newest features that enhance mobility, integration, security, and performance.

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Date: May 25, 2016
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Boylston Street:Date: May 24,2016
Time: 8:30-10:00 am
Location: Apple Store, Boylston Street
Address: 815 Boylston Street, Boston MA

What is new in the FileMaker 15 platform?

What's new in the FileMaker 15 platform?

The FileMaker 15 platform has been released! FileMaker 15 offers stronger essentials for making even better custom applications. FileMaker Inc. has also updated there purchasing options to better accommodate working in teams. The new features include:

  • Mobility
  • Automation & Integration
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Performance

Mobility offers great new options for app extensions. These features include iBeacon, Touch ID, and 3D touch support. This allows you to leverage your app with outside applications as well.

For the developers of applications, Automations & Integration, has added undo scripting and highlighted script errors in the scripting area. This allows developers to save time and avoid hassle while coding.

FileMaker Inc. has created more ease of use with updated starter solutions as well as updated user interface for FileMaker 15. They will now offer web-based help which will allow for even fast response times when needed.

Security has always been a huge concern for FileMaker so with this update even higher security standards were added. You are now able to set concealed edit boxes with ease. They have also added more SSL certifications and protective security warnings for users!

When running custom applications performance is always a focus! To keep all areas running smoothly FileMaker has added top call statistics logging and portal in-line status bars!

If you have purchased FileMaker from Kyo Logic please keep an eye out for your upgrade codes via email. If you need assistance with the upgrade or purchasing FileMaker 15 please contact Kyo Logic at your earliest convenience.

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FileMaker Go: The benefits for your small business

FileMaker 14 has applications for small, medium and large-sized businesses, provided these companies use the software to the fullest. The official FileMaker website offers examples of small businesses in particular that have used the flexibility of FileMaker Go to help streamline their work. Taking their work out of the office with this trusted brand allows companies to focus on providing the best product or service and stay up-to-date with the latest mobile options.

FileMaker Go can free up small businesses and reduce paperwork.FileMaker Go can free up small businesses and reduce paperwork.

One example of a satisfied user is Acorn Rentals, a car company that used Go to facilitate customer interactions quickly. Since the business supplies cars specifically to the victims of auto accidents, speed is often of the essence. Another client mentioned on the site, Texas-based Klapprodt Pools, uses Go to handle orders via iPad.

As of April last year, the iPad and iPhone app for Go had more than 1.5 million downloads, according to a press release from the company. Here are a few other ways that this FileMaker mobile solution will help your small business improve satisfaction and performance:

  • Compatibility: Just because you still use older desktop systems doesn’t mean you can’t add iPads to the workplace. In fact, FileMaker Go allows companies in all industries to keep mobile and desktop systems on the same page.
  • Reduce paperwork: Having all of the functionality you need on one device will cut down on the unnecessary documentation you have to use. This not only makes everyday processes more efficient but saves on paper as well.
  • Synchronization: Remote workers can input data directly to your main database, as Acorn did.

When a company is just starting out, they may need to conserve resources to focus on growth. Visit our website to get help using the newest version of FileMaker.

FileMaker iOS SDK grants developers mobile app tools

Earlier this month, FileMaker unveiled application development tools for database solutions. AppleInsider notes the limitations involved with this software, as developers can only use the new SDK if they are part of the Apple development program. However, those that do so can make independent iOS apps on Macs with the Xcode and other tools from the FileMaker family.

“App icon features can be adjusted to match the appropriate device.”

In addition to enrollment in the program, developers have to register all devices involved in app testing. Doing so will prepare users to create signing identities and App IDs, part of the early stages of the process that will eventually lead to launching and testing the application proper. The SDK also allows users to create an effective project directory for storing app resources and easily adjusting the Xcode project.

App icon features can be adjusted to match the appropriate device, with the image tweaked for best resolution depending on whether it’s meant for iPhone or iPad. In an FAQ on this development on Geist Interactive, Todd Geist says that users can update native applications simply using this SDK.

“If your application is hosted on a server, then your changes made on the server will files will automatically be reflected in your native app,” he writes. “The only time you will have to update your bound application is when you want to support a new version of the FileMaker Go engine,” Geist adds. The completed app also doesn’t require FileMaker Go for access.

Get FileMaker support by visiting our website and learning the best way to use this software for better applications on iOS platforms.

4 ways to use FileMaker 14 for mobile devices

With the launch of FileMaker 14, mobile users have simplified access to databases on common mobile devices, including iPhones, tablets and Androids. The more your organization knows about what the latest edition can do, the more effective your work through FileMaker will be. Maximizing the software’s potential can require calculating hardware and software specifications.

FileMaker allows for mobile efforts.FileMaker allows for mobile apps and use.

Below are some ideas for creating excellent mobile-friendly databases that match the relevant app environments well:

  • Customize apps for the device: In an Information Week piece from last year, Curtis Franklin Jr. notes the in-app features that make navigation simple. “FileMaker 14 has fully embraced a world in which most of its users will be handling touchscreens rather than keyboards,” he writes.
  • Move beyond Apple: As that same article noted, FileMaker Go is the only “part of the FileMaker family” that is limited to Apple devices. With the rest, developers have wide range to use devices running Windows instead as they are available.
  • Multitask: FileMaker Go allows users to pin projects at the top of the screen for easy access. Meanwhile, WebDirect lets as many as 100 users access the same database through this mobile solution. The layout is simple enough to use that companies should be able to accomplish multiple tasks through its diverse user support.
  • Verify server support: While FileMaker should liberate businesses that have just been relying on Apple, knowing the server system requirements, compatible operating systems and other specifics will leave users in a better place to run FileMaker solutions. Some of the statistics worth verifying include the minimum hardware requirements for all mobile devices and the limitations on browsers like Chrome and Safari.

FileMaker developers can start getting the most out of this exciting software by collaborating with consultants. Visit our website for more information.

How to improve your FileMaker 14 experience with iOS [Video]

Hi everybody, and welcome back! This time, we’ll be discussing how FileMaker 14 allows users to control how their solutions look and run on mobile devices, such as the iPad and iPhone.

FileMaker Go 14 has a new look that reflects the style of the latest iOS operating system. Users can make their solutions full screen through scripts or swiping to hide the interface. This makes it easier to make any necessary edits.

With a script, users can lock to orientation of the layout, in order to build layouts that are specifically for portrait or landscape views.

As always, thanks for watching, and be sure to check back here again soon for more helpful FileMaker tips!