FileMaker Go: The benefits for your small business

FileMaker 14 has applications for small, medium and large-sized businesses, provided these companies use the software to the fullest. The official FileMaker website offers examples of small businesses in particular that have used the flexibility of FileMaker Go to help streamline their work. Taking their work out of the office with this trusted brand allows companies to focus on providing the best product or service and stay up-to-date with the latest mobile options.

FileMaker Go can free up small businesses and reduce paperwork.FileMaker Go can free up small businesses and reduce paperwork.

One example of a satisfied user is Acorn Rentals, a car company that used Go to facilitate customer interactions quickly. Since the business supplies cars specifically to the victims of auto accidents, speed is often of the essence. Another client mentioned on the site, Texas-based Klapprodt Pools, uses Go to handle orders via iPad.

As of April last year, the iPad and iPhone app for Go had more than 1.5 million downloads, according to a press release from the company. Here are a few other ways that this FileMaker mobile solution will help your small business improve satisfaction and performance:

  • Compatibility: Just because you still use older desktop systems doesn’t mean you can’t add iPads to the workplace. In fact, FileMaker Go allows companies in all industries to keep mobile and desktop systems on the same page.
  • Reduce paperwork: Having all of the functionality you need on one device will cut down on the unnecessary documentation you have to use. This not only makes everyday processes more efficient but saves on paper as well.
  • Synchronization: Remote workers can input data directly to your main database, as Acorn did.

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FileMaker keeps you connected to your data [Video]

Hi everybody, and welcome back! This time we’ll be discussing the ways that FileMaker keeps users connected to their important data.

If a user loses his network connection or the server goes down for a brief period, FileMaker automatically makes the reconnection when the server is available once again. Absolutely no data is lost in this time, and people can pick up their work right where it left off.

For the more experienced users, there is a standby server option that allows for the higher availability of crucial data. Should a primary server go down, all of the work can be switched over to a standby server simply by typing in a specific set of commands.

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FileMaker iOS SDK grants developers mobile app tools

Earlier this month, FileMaker unveiled application development tools for database solutions. AppleInsider notes the limitations involved with this software, as developers can only use the new SDK if they are part of the Apple development program. However, those that do so can make independent iOS apps on Macs with the Xcode and other tools from the FileMaker family.

“App icon features can be adjusted to match the appropriate device.”

In addition to enrollment in the program, developers have to register all devices involved in app testing. Doing so will prepare users to create signing identities and App IDs, part of the early stages of the process that will eventually lead to launching and testing the application proper. The SDK also allows users to create an effective project directory for storing app resources and easily adjusting the Xcode project.

App icon features can be adjusted to match the appropriate device, with the image tweaked for best resolution depending on whether it’s meant for iPhone or iPad. In an FAQ on this development on Geist Interactive, Todd Geist says that users can update native applications simply using this SDK.

“If your application is hosted on a server, then your changes made on the server will files will automatically be reflected in your native app,” he writes. “The only time you will have to update your bound application is when you want to support a new version of the FileMaker Go engine,” Geist adds. The completed app also doesn’t require FileMaker Go for access.

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3 modern IT security risks to watch out for

Cybersecurity remains a major concern for companies in all industries. Those businesses that work with the latest tools still need to take cautionary measures.

“Cybersecurity remains a major concern for companies in all industries.”

Business Insider recently spoke to Malcolm Marshall,  KPMG International Global Head of Cyber Security, about the inherent problems in “rising” technology. With robotics and automation poised to see greater use, Marshall warns that security systems should be pre-existing in these devices, as opposed to an afterthought. He also notes the inadequate practice of hiring an expensive cyber security expert instead of creating “offensive capabilities.”

“Security should be built in from the start and people have got to change the perception that security gets in the way of innovation,” he said. “We need to make sure security is innovative, more agile, easier to use. Few of the world’s organisations understand this.”

Here are some other risks that companies may fall prey to as they attempt to address security issues:

  • Lack of training: Marshall also referred to the need to increase basic knowledge among employees to add to a company’s basic defenses.
  • Outdated software: The changing nature of software retirement dates and supported licenses means users need to be aware of what is current. A Cisco survey mentioned in this BetaNews piece reported that more than 30 percent of all devices “are no longer supported or maintained by the vendor.”
  • Time to adjust: Bloomberg recently reported on the Pentagon’s delayed attempts to enact security requirements. According to this piece, one of the key concerns for contractors is the amount of time they have to respond to such concerns.

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4 ways to use FileMaker 14 for mobile devices

With the launch of FileMaker 14, mobile users have simplified access to databases on common mobile devices, including iPhones, tablets and Androids. The more your organization knows about what the latest edition can do, the more effective your work through FileMaker will be. Maximizing the software’s potential can require calculating hardware and software specifications.

FileMaker allows for mobile efforts.FileMaker allows for mobile apps and use.

Below are some ideas for creating excellent mobile-friendly databases that match the relevant app environments well:

  • Customize apps for the device: In an Information Week piece from last year, Curtis Franklin Jr. notes the in-app features that make navigation simple. “FileMaker 14 has fully embraced a world in which most of its users will be handling touchscreens rather than keyboards,” he writes.
  • Move beyond Apple: As that same article noted, FileMaker Go is the only “part of the FileMaker family” that is limited to Apple devices. With the rest, developers have wide range to use devices running Windows instead as they are available.
  • Multitask: FileMaker Go allows users to pin projects at the top of the screen for easy access. Meanwhile, WebDirect lets as many as 100 users access the same database through this mobile solution. The layout is simple enough to use that companies should be able to accomplish multiple tasks through its diverse user support.
  • Verify server support: While FileMaker should liberate businesses that have just been relying on Apple, knowing the server system requirements, compatible operating systems and other specifics will leave users in a better place to run FileMaker solutions. Some of the statistics worth verifying include the minimum hardware requirements for all mobile devices and the limitations on browsers like Chrome and Safari.

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FileMaker 14 tackles certification testing

This blog has previously noted the advantages of using FileMaker 14, as well as features in the new version. In October, FileMaker announced "Developer Essentials for FileMaker 14," a certification exam that signifies developers are ready to use this platform for mobile solutions. As the official post on the certification described, FileMaker left the process open-ended enough for applicants to learn all of the specifics of this platform at their own pace.

A key emphasis in FileMaker 14 is centralized access.

Because of the advantages of achieving certification, candidates can use this official marker as proof that they are keeping up with the latest available FileMaker capabilities.

For FileMaker 14, these include easier scripting tool access, streamlined navigation and better audio and video playback, as an IT Wire article noted last May. A key emphasis is centralized access, as users interact with several solutions through a smart and intuitive base.

In a press release from October, Ann Monroe, FileMaker's senior director of Marketing, said that "certification matters" and explained why this can help developers augment their career.

"As the FileMaker Platform grows, adding exciting new features in the mobile and web space, a well-rounded developer needs to demonstrate a wider range of skills and experience," she said. "Certification helps to demonstrate this achievement to hiring organizations."

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How to improve your FileMaker 14 experience with iOS [Video]

Hi everybody, and welcome back! This time, we’ll be discussing how FileMaker 14 allows users to control how their solutions look and run on mobile devices, such as the iPad and iPhone.

FileMaker Go 14 has a new look that reflects the style of the latest iOS operating system. Users can make their solutions full screen through scripts or swiping to hide the interface. This makes it easier to make any necessary edits.

With a script, users can lock to orientation of the layout, in order to build layouts that are specifically for portrait or landscape views.

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