Cloud Services



Comprehensive cloud solutions that ensure your teams can access your custom software from virtually anywhere. We’ll handle updates and security— our cloud services are low-maintenance and low-risk.

Features & benefits

  • Kyo Logic offers cloud services that operate on core platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Claris/FileMaker Cloud. Each platform offers quick, affordable server value anywhere in the world. The connection from your FileMaker application to the cloud is secure, responsive and highly reliable.
  • In some cases, companies require multiple servers operating in distant areas of the globe. The Kyo Logic KyoSync II platform synchronizes multiple FileMaker/Claris databases seamlessly in the background giving local users fast, low-latency service.
  • Using state-of-the art cloaking services, Kyo Logic offers two factor authentication that can be custom hosted for your company or integrated with services such as Google, Microsoft or AWS.
  • Your data is always yours and yours only. Kyo Logic offers integrated AWS S3 backups to ensure that your data is secured on multiple servers. In addition, Kyo Logic offers download capabilities for companies that want to routinely retain copies of their data on-premises.
  • Often, systems that were designed in-house require optimization to work optimally on the Cloud. Kyo Logic has optimized many in-house systems so they open quickly and operate responsively.

Our Process


Our clients have distinct goals, so we’ve become skilled at understanding their specific needs.  


We review our learnings with you and build a solution that helps transform your business.


Our goal is to maximize impact quickly, with as delicate a hand as possible.


Listen, learn, and do. That’s our motto.
Our Process

What our clients
say about us

[We were] only successful because of the technology tools Kyo Logic developed.


Tom Derreaux
Executive Vice President, Plowshare


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