FileMaker Go Rated Best App of 2017

Posted by John Mathewson on March 29, 2017

FileMaker Go Ranked Top App of 2017

FileMaker Go was ranked one of the best iPad apps of 2017, in a recent article published by PC Magazine. This ranks FileMaker with other productivity products like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Mint.

FileMaker Go

What is FileMaker Go?

FileMaker Go is a FREE app that allows you to connect directly with a FileMaker Pro database. This allows users to can productive no matter where they are.  According to Jeffrey Wilson, Senior Analyst, Software, at PC Magazine “The database program’s excellent design, multiple file layouts, integrated search, digital signature capture, and charting capabilities make it a must-download app for FileMaker users. You still can’t create new files, but FileMaker Go will keep you productive while on the go.”.

With the FileMaker platform, you can easily create customized apps for your business needs. Within a few hours or days, you can build out a customized app to start managing contacts, projects, inventory and much more. The FileMaker Platform comes equipped with the following powerful features:

  • Built-in Reporting
  • Easy integration options
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cross-platform capabilities

To learn more about the FileMaker Platform and how to implement the power into your company email Kyo Logic at or call 203-221-3033!