Claris Announces FileMaker 2024

Posted by John Mathewson on June 6, 2024

Claris has just released their latest version of FileMaker, aptly dubbed “FileMaker 2024.” While it boasts a host of updates and fixes (including an enhanced developers toolkit), the major draw with this update is the integration of Artificial Intelligence.

These AI capabilities make it much easier to navigate and search databases. Users can ask questions and use semantic searches that previously wouldn’t have been possible. Traditional database queries look for specific keywords. For example, if a user were to search “financial report December 2024,” a traditional search would look for each of those numbers and phrases. If they don’t appear in a piece of data—even if that data is relevant—they wouldn’t appear. 

Conversely, semantic queries understand intent. A user could search “numbers for Q4” and the relevant financial report could be found even if it doesn’t contain the words used in the search. It understands the types of information the user needs and tailors its search based on those requirements.

Additionally, and arguably most importantly, FileMaker’s support of AI allows for integration into workflows without risking apps and data. Running invoices through a third-party AI puts that data at risk. Claris’s AI integration allows users to perform those same tasks while keeping their data (and client data) safe and secure.

While AI is certainly exciting, plenty of other great features are being added. Development and deployment are now even faster. One of FileMaker’s greatest strengths has always been its ability to modulate and update itself based on evolving needs. Mobile apps are easier to integrate, widgets can link to favorite apps, and FileMaker Go can even launch apps as soon as it starts up. 

There are also great under-the-hood features for programmers and administrators that will make their lives easier and the work they do even better. If you’re interested in learning more about FileMaker and its shiny new AI integration, you can reach out to us here.