Introduction to FileMaker and SQL

Posted by John Mathewson on February 27, 2018

Introduction to FileMaker and SQL

Are you looking for a way to take your FileMaker Database to the next level? Harnessing the power of SQL in FileMaker can help you streamline and easily access more of your data.

What is SQL and what are the benefits?

SQL is an abbreviation for structured query language and is a standardized programming language best used for managing a relational database. SQL also allows you to perform various operations on data and is used by developers to write data integration scripts and setting up and running analytical queries.

When using SQL in FileMaker you can there are many different benefits such as:

    • Quickly obtaining data for use in scripts
    • Versatility: Summarize, Join, Union, Find Within
    • Requires no persistent structures
    • Potentially very fast
    • Completely programmable

Well, this all sounds great but how do you get SQL to run in FileMaker?

With the latest versions of FileMaker, you can utilize the ExecuteSQL() function right within FileMaker which will allow you to perform select queries. SQL works well with Let functions and is often used to store data in global variables. Both simple or complex arguments can be entered into an SQL statement.

Additional FileMaker and SQL Recourses:

SQL is a great way to utilize your data in FileMaker. Whether writing simple or complex arguments you will be able to quickly use the ExecuteSQL() function in FileMaker to perform queries.

If you would like to harness the power of your data in FileMaker but do not want to do the heavy lifting contact us today.