4 ways to use FileMaker 14 for mobile devices

Posted by John Mathewson on January 19, 2016

With the launch of FileMaker 14, mobile users have simplified access to databases on common mobile devices, including iPhones, tablets and Androids. The more your organization knows about what the latest edition can do, the more effective your work through FileMaker will be. Maximizing the software’s potential can require calculating hardware and software specifications.

FileMaker allows for mobile efforts.FileMaker allows for mobile apps and use.

Below are some ideas for creating excellent mobile-friendly databases that match the relevant app environments well:

  • Customize apps for the device: In an Information Week piece from last year, Curtis Franklin Jr. notes the in-app features that make navigation simple. “FileMaker 14 has fully embraced a world in which most of its users will be handling touchscreens rather than keyboards,” he writes.
  • Move beyond Apple: As that same article noted, FileMaker Go is the only “part of the FileMaker family” that is limited to Apple devices. With the rest, developers have wide range to use devices running Windows instead as they are available.
  • Multitask: FileMaker Go allows users to pin projects at the top of the screen for easy access. Meanwhile, WebDirect lets as many as 100 users access the same database through this mobile solution. The layout is simple enough to use that companies should be able to accomplish multiple tasks through its diverse user support.
  • Verify server support: While FileMaker should liberate businesses that have just been relying on Apple, knowing the server system requirements, compatible operating systems and other specifics will leave users in a better place to run FileMaker solutions. Some of the statistics worth verifying include the minimum hardware requirements for all mobile devices and the limitations on browsers like Chrome and Safari.

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