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Building the right system is critical to scaling your operation. Whether you are modifying an existing system or building a new one, carefully understanding and mapping the requirements will ensure that your system will perform well in the long term. Kyo Logic has designed dozens of high-end, sophisticated systems and has the understanding to listen to your needs and translate them into a system design of the highest standards. In addition, we pay attention to how and where you will use your system including office, tablet and mobile devices. All our development projects start with this important step.

Features & benefits

  • We’ll first look at how your business operates. What do you want to achieve? We have a deep understanding of process design can craft business processes will help you improve productivity. Ideally, your information systems should provide the right information in the right time frame.
  • A well-designed system includes the benefits of mobile and desktop devices. We focus on the attributes of each to make sure your whole needs are met. Whether it is high-speed data operations, incorporating live photos and media, reading QR Codes, or operating without an internet connection, we consider all options when designing a system for you.
  • Many operations require devices that can work without an internet connection and then synchronize their data with the main database. We recently released KyoSync II that keeps mobile applications seamlessly synchronized using native FileMaker capabilities. KyoSync II provides a single source of truth–even if data and images are captured in the field without internet support.
  • We embrace clients who come to us with a general sense of their needs but may lack a clear path to solutions. Our approach involves collaboratively shaping a tailored process, designing a system, and creating mockups to help you envision the solution within your environment
  • Let’s make sure that your technology always enhances your organization. We’ll make sure it adapts with you—on your schedule. Through regular feedback we can adjust scope and timing to your needs.

Our Process


Our clients have distinct goals, so we’ve become skilled at understanding their specific needs.  


We review our learnings with you and build a solution that helps transform your business.


Our goal is to maximize impact quickly, with as delicate a hand as possible.


Listen, learn, and do. That’s our motto.
Our Process

What our clients say about us

Thanks Derek and John! Always a pleasure— I learn a new way of thinking about our processes each time we meet.
Sidney Bacenas
Creative Production Manager, National Fiber Technology, LLC


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