Services Overview - Kyo Logic
KyoLogic is a certified Platinum FileMaker Pro developer. We create FileMaker database projects, custom apps and integrated mobile solutions for clients across all business sectors.
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Services Overview

The demands on your company and its competitiveness have never been greater. Kyo Logic specializes in helping our clients build, launch and deliver the products and apps they need to expand and optimize their business.
We offer a comprehensive suite of FileMaker Development, Training and Business Services. Our team provides expert level support to help companies get the most out of the platform.
Today’s digital business world is based on speed and trust, and using software that promotes greater security, strength, and agility within your company is critical. With Kyo Logic as your partner, you will be able to better organize the way you do business and realize the true power of your company’s data.
We would like to partner with you on your next project. Contact us to get started!
FileMaker Business Alliance - Certified Platinum Developer
FileMaker Development

FileMaker Development

The Kyo Logic development team can create custom apps to meet your unique needs, including mobile business solutions and integration that offer security and scalability.

Database Development

Custom Apps

Seamless Mobile Integration

Certified Platinum FileMaker consultant

Customized solutions to fit the unique needs of your business

We build new FileMaker solutions from the ground up

FileMaker Training

FileMaker Support

FileMaker Support can help unlock FileMaker’s full potential, so you can do more, and do it more efficiently. Packages start at as little as five hours so we are able to help systems small and large.

Expert support across all FileMaker platforms

Modernize current FileMaker systems

Remove system delays and poor performance

Discover the full potential of the platform

Strengthen your business team with FileMaker

Work faster and more efficiently

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Kyo Logic Cloud Hosting is a fully managed, security-rich and production-ready cloud environment designed to provide enterprise-class performance and availability.

Website Development

Website Development

Maximize the use of your FileMaker solutions with a companion website. Our professional team creates mobile-friendly websites with unique advantages.

Licensing & Upgrades

Licensing & Upgrades

Kyo Logic can help you streamline the FileMaker licensing and upgrade process. Rely on us to keep your software up and running and up to date.

Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Your server is a critical system component of your business IT. Our dedicated professional maintenance will keep your system secure and reliable.