14 FileMaker Features Perfect for Your Business

FileMaker Pro was built for small-to-midsize businesses in mind. It’s the perfect tool to optimize resources, compile data, communication across teams, and more. It can function as a comprehensive solution for a company top-to-bottom, or slot into an existing suite of tools where needed.

1. Unparalleled Customization. While there are a variety of software options for everything from sales to communications, they take a one-size-fits all approach. For businesses or industries with specific needs, FileMaker can be used to customize every aspect of your platform. Beyond that, it ensures that these otherwise disparate pieces– inventory systems, customer portals, and more– can all work with each other in a singular ecosystem.

2. Affordability.  A lot of the software and platforms designed for businesses can get expensive. Typically, it means paying for licensing fees for every piece of software and every employee or workstation. With FileMaker, there’s an upfront cost, but you’ve created a platform you own. No annual renewal fees or licensing costs to worry about.

3. Integration with Third-Party Apps. While FileMaker can be used holistically to create a platform that services your company’s every need, it can also slot into an existing business. If you use Slack or Outlook or any number of other popular business applications, FileMaker can work with them. For example, FileMaker can alert staff via Slack when a customer has sent an invoice. It can pull info from Salesforce and update records. It’s malleable enough to fill in the gaps your systems currently have.

4. FileMaker Cloud. A virtual necessity in the modern age of working from home, FileMaker Cloud allows employees to access applications and systems via a web browser. It’s a simple feature that can be a lifesaver in emergency, off-hours situations. 

5. Out-of-the-Box Data Management. FileMaker makes it simple to store, organize and manage data. Store, modify, and share documents, databases, and more for easy collaboration 

6. Easy-to-Use Communications Management. FileMaker is fantastic at managing workflow communication across departments and channels.

7. Easy Add-On Integration. There are a whole host of add-ons available. Everything from signature capture to data API can work with FileMaker.

8. CRM Tools. FileMaker is capable of performing a wide variety of CRM-related actions. Manage customer contact info, orders, quotes, invoices, and more, all on a single platform.

9. Data Reporting. Create custom reports and analytics based on real-time data changes. See a bird’s-eye view of your company or deep dive into granular information quickly and easily.

10. Flexible Hosting. FileMaker works with a variety of hosting options, including Linux, making it easy for any company to integrate.

11. Voice Commands. A recent addition, FileMaker now works with Siri voice commands, making it easier to operate hands-free and integrate with phones.

12. FileMaker Go. Speaking of phones, FileMaker Go (currently only available for Apple devices) allows users to use FileMaker on their mobile devices. Paired with FileMaker Cloud and traditional options, it means your platform and applications can be accessed virtually anywhere.

13. Easy to Learn. FileMaker is designed to be “low-code,” with the intention that virtually anyone can pick it up and begin using it.

14. Limitless Possibilities. To really unlock it’s potential, FileMaker is best used with professional developers. That’s where Kyologic comes in. We can help you build a FileMaker platform specifically for your business. If you want to learn more, please reach out to us here.