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  • John is the founder and CEO of Kyo Logic, as well as the chief architect of KyoSync II (which synchronizes data across multiple systems that can’t connect or communicate directly). John works very closely with clients and the Kyo Logic team to help create custom applications and platforms.
    John is also an avid electronics enthusiast and audiophile. He created the Caitlin LSA-1 which is a microprocessor-controlled audio preamp used in very high-end audio systems. John has lived in Montreal, Fort Worth, Johannesburg and currently lives in Westport, Connecticut.
  • Justin has been with Kyo Logic for 5 years. As president, he splits his time between hands-on development and meetings with his clients. Justin is incredibly proud of the work Kyo Logic has done, but one particular achievement stands out: taking a process that took 2 days for an accounting team to complete, and automating it so it only takes 10 minutes.
    Justin loves sports: football, basketball, soccer, and Formula 1. He also plays tennis and hikes with his dog, Zoey.
  • Derek not only designs applications for clients, but ensures that they have a quality aesthetic. Derek is constantly researching the latest tools and technologies to ensure his clients have everything they need for modern, efficient operations.
    Derek is originally from Boston, and now lives just outside of the city proper in Quincy. His hobbies include photography, collecting old films and records, cooking, baking and traveling. He also loves going to the dog park with his French Bulldog, Chloe.
  • As the Director of Operations, Melissa oversees Kyo Logic’s marketing and strategy efforts. But she’s also our clients’ first point of contact for any questions, concerns or needs they might have— Melissa will be the first person clients talk to when they call the office line.
    In her free time, Melissa loves baking, design, and fingerpainting with her two-year-old daughter, Genevieve. While she’s lived in Connecticut her whole life, she and her husband are massive Disney fans: they go to Disney World every year.

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