FileMaker Go: The benefits for your small business

Posted by John Mathewson on January 28, 2016

FileMaker 14 has applications for small, medium and large-sized businesses, provided these companies use the software to the fullest. The official FileMaker website offers examples of small businesses in particular that have used the flexibility of FileMaker Go to help streamline their work. Taking their work out of the office with this trusted brand allows companies to focus on providing the best product or service and stay up-to-date with the latest mobile options.

FileMaker Go can free up small businesses and reduce paperwork.FileMaker Go can free up small businesses and reduce paperwork.

One example of a satisfied user is Acorn Rentals, a car company that used Go to facilitate customer interactions quickly. Since the business supplies cars specifically to the victims of auto accidents, speed is often of the essence. Another client mentioned on the site, Texas-based Klapprodt Pools, uses Go to handle orders via iPad.

As of April last year, the iPad and iPhone app for Go had more than 1.5 million downloads, according to a press release from the company. Here are a few other ways that this FileMaker mobile solution will help your small business improve satisfaction and performance:

  • Compatibility: Just because you still use older desktop systems doesn’t mean you can’t add iPads to the workplace. In fact, FileMaker Go allows companies in all industries to keep mobile and desktop systems on the same page.
  • Reduce paperwork: Having all of the functionality you need on one device will cut down on the unnecessary documentation you have to use. This not only makes everyday processes more efficient but saves on paper as well.
  • Synchronization: Remote workers can input data directly to your main database, as Acorn did.

When a company is just starting out, they may need to conserve resources to focus on growth. Visit our website to get help using the newest version of FileMaker.