FileMaker iOS SDK grants developers mobile app tools

Posted by John Mathewson on January 21, 2016

Earlier this month, FileMaker unveiled application development tools for database solutions. AppleInsider notes the limitations involved with this software, as developers can only use the new SDK if they are part of the Apple development program. However, those that do so can make independent iOS apps on Macs with the Xcode and other tools from the FileMaker family.

“App icon features can be adjusted to match the appropriate device.”

In addition to enrollment in the program, developers have to register all devices involved in app testing. Doing so will prepare users to create signing identities and App IDs, part of the early stages of the process that will eventually lead to launching and testing the application proper. The SDK also allows users to create an effective project directory for storing app resources and easily adjusting the Xcode project.

App icon features can be adjusted to match the appropriate device, with the image tweaked for best resolution depending on whether it’s meant for iPhone or iPad. In an FAQ on this development on Geist Interactive, Todd Geist says that users can update native applications simply using this SDK.

“If your application is hosted on a server, then your changes made on the server will files will automatically be reflected in your native app,” he writes. “The only time you will have to update your bound application is when you want to support a new version of the FileMaker Go engine,” Geist adds. The completed app also doesn’t require FileMaker Go for access.

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