How can Kyo help distribute your mail? [Video]

Hey everybody and welcome back! This time we’ll be looking at how Kyo Logic can help you manage distribute your email.

The worst thing about email is the constant spamming that we are all subjected to from time to time. The great news is, by using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, you can successfully block any and all spam.

FileMaker has the tools for mail distribution, as long as it is linked to either Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. This will help protect your inbox from potential harm, and make your email campaigns a breeze.

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Can websites be linked to FileMaker? [Video]

Hey everybody and welcome back! This time, we’ll be taking a look at FileMaker and your professional websites.

For sites that have larger volumes of traffic, we have synchronization tools that can allow the website to use MySQL and other high volume databases. This will allow FileMaker to be able to handle the people that go to your site.

The link that connects your professional website to FileMaker is through remote database protocols that match up to the central FileMaker server.

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3 reasons to launch a tech startup in Boston

If you are looking to break into the technology industry, your first thought is likely that you will need to move to California. While Silicon Valley is still a place where technological advancements are made every day, it is not the only location within the country to consider.

In fact, one of the best places you can launch a new tech startup is on the other side of the United States — Boston, Massachusetts. This city is a growing hub of the technology world, so you would be wise to consider this place when you are looking for where to locate.

Here are a few advantages of Boston:

  • Extensive media coverage: Buzz is critical for the growth and success of a young company, especially in the tech world. The good news is there are all kinds of media outlets in and around Boston, including those, such as Fortune, Fast Company and Boston Business Journal, that focus exclusively on business.
  • Funding for companies: Between 2011 and 2014, a total of 722 Massachusetts tech companies were invested in, to the tune of $4.86 billion. If you are looking for investors and venture capital to get your startup running, Massachusetts is certainly the place you want to be.
  • Growing tech sectors: While the city of Boston itself is the most concentrated for tech startups, the activity is not limited within its borders. There is a growing tech world in communities surrounding the city itself, including Somerville, Cambridge and Waltham. There are opportunities all over the greater Boston area!

If you work in the tech industry and are in need of new custom database software for your Boston-based startup, be sure to contact Kyo Logic today!

FileMaker 14 Announcement

New FileMaker 14 Platform speeds business solution development for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web

FileMaker Platform, marking 30 years, provides faster solution automation, support for mobile browsers and much more

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – May 12, 2015 – FileMaker today announced a new version of its development platform that speeds creation of custom solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. FileMaker 14 brings point-and-click simplicity to automating business processes, delivering desktop-style application functionality to mobile web browsers and providing productive, engaging experiences on desktops, iOS devices and mobile web browsers.

The announcement coincides with the 30th anniversary of FileMaker software. FileMaker was the brainchild of a bootstrapped startup founded in Massachusetts by four entrepreneurs intent on creating easy-to-use database software.

“FileMaker 14 is the culmination of 30 years of helping customers exploit the latest platforms – from Mac and Windows then through iOS devices and mobile web browsers today – meeting users’ rising expectations for data accessibility, simplicity and mobility,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, Inc. “With FileMaker 14, creating compelling cross-platform solutions and designing for the times is simpler than ever – even if you’ve never developed any solution before.”

New features in FileMaker 14

FileMaker 14 provides a complete experience for developers, enabling them to unleash their creativity and ingenuity.

  • A Script Workspace speeds automation of common business processes, such as assigning a new task to the employee with the most availability, reordering inventory when stock is low or creating an invoice during a customer meeting. The Script Workspace consolidates the creation, editing and viewing of scripts and calculations, all in one streamlined workspace. Auto-complete, favorites, in-line editing, shortcuts, script step descriptions with in-line Help, automated command-lookup and other features speed development. Even nonprogrammers can use scripting to create custom solutions, with FileMaker’s point-and-click simplicity and contextual guidance.
  • A redesigned FileMaker WebDirect makes it easy to deliver desktop-style interactivity to mobile browsers on tablets. FileMaker WebDirect now supports FileMaker solutions running on the latest tablets. Business users can deliver a next-generation mobile browser experience. The redesigned toolbar automatically adapts to the screen size of users’ browsers on desktops or tablets, with larger tap targets, slide-in menus that dynamically optimize screen real estate, and menus that collapse and expand into logical groups as the screen size changes or the user rotates the device.
  • A Launch Center brings an app-like interface with big, bold icons (no more dialog boxes and pull-down menus) that allow users to visually organize all solutions at a glance. Users can choose from 29 pre-built icons or design custom icons to give solutions a personalized look. The Launch Center works across the entire FileMaker 14 Platform, providing a consistent experience on Windows and Mac with FileMaker Pro, on iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Go, and in a browser with FileMaker WebDirect.
  • An enhanced iOS experience for users, via new scripts that provide more control over how solutions look and run on iPad and iPhone. A newly redesigned iOS 8-style interface in FileMaker Go 14 (a free business app available on the App Store) provides a clean look and consistent user experience. Developers can easily make solutions full screen by using scripts or swiping to hide the user interface. They can lock in portrait or landscape views using the new set-screen orientation, display helpful information when capturing signatures, enable touch keyboards, enable richer text formatting, and use new video and audio playback controls to create self-paced training applications and other innovative solutions.
  • Many new features for FileMaker developers, power users and administrators. FileMaker WebDirect is now up to 25 percent faster when opening most web-optimized layouts. It also has doubled the number of supported concurrent connections (from 50 to 100). Automatic reconnect from FileMaker Pro 14 solutions to FileMaker Server 14 helps users recover quickly from a lost or unreliable network connection. Security enhancements for FileMaker Server Admin Console protect data and solutions through stronger password controls. The new standby server option in FileMaker Server 14 gives experienced administrators higher availability of business data.

FileMaker at 30

FileMaker has shipped more than 20 million copies of FileMaker Platform products, and the FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone app just surpassed 1.5 million downloads from the App Store. FileMaker software is available in 15 languages and is used worldwide and in virtually every private and public market sector.

FileMaker is backed by a global ecosystem that includes the FileMaker Community, a free online resource with more than 60,000 members; the FileMaker Business Alliance, with more than 1,200 firms, many whose primary business is to offer FileMaker products and consulting services; and the Made for FileMaker site, offering hundreds of third-party commercial products built for the FileMaker software.

Rave reviews from developers and customers

“As a FileMaker trainer, I know a great number of people who want to deploy solutions to iPhones, iPads and the web. Thanks to the Chrome browser support, FileMaker really delivered the goods with version 14. FileMaker WebDirect delivers FileMaker solutions to all these platforms, plus it’s fast and really simple to deploy.”
Richard Carlton, president, Richard Carlton Consulting, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member

“WebDirect is freaking awesome now. FileMaker 14 makes our lives easier and gives us the tools we need to dazzle our customers.”
Joe Scarpetta, CEO and co-owner of The Scarpetta Group, a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member

“FileMaker links every part of our business here at Metropolis Studios. A great example of this is the way FileMaker Pro 14 allows us to interact with our audio/visual equipment across the studio. Additionally, the way FileMaker can now be used across all major platforms will be incredibly useful, as we don’t have control over the devices and operating systems our customers use. FileMaker essentially allows us to have more time to concentrate on our clients and that is invaluable.”
Oli Sussat, Director of Marketing, Communications and Technology, Metropolis Studios (Europe’s largest independently owned recording complex based in London)

“Some of my favorite features in FileMaker 14 may seem like small improvements, but they save time on things I do so frequently that the time really adds up. Those features include the ability to insert placeholder text into empty fields and add icons and buttons using either the built-in icons in FileMaker 14 or adding my own. These help my solutions act and feel more like the kinds of applications our employees are used to working with online.”
Michael Perley, CFO, Prodigy Promotions

“With auto-complete, favorites, shortcuts and more, the Script Workspace gives us quicker, smoother development. Developing in FileMaker isn’t my main job, so it’s important that I can evolve our solution quickly. With FileMaker 14, I can make fast changes on the fly and get on with my main job.”
Carson Lind, vice president and production engineer, Annex Medical, Inc.

About FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, makes software that transforms businesses by enabling users to create and run custom solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Millions of people worldwide rely on the FileMaker Platform to share information, manage projects, track assets and more.

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3 ways startup employees can improve their productivity

If you work for a startup, everything that you do throughout the day will have an increased importance. Startups are different from companies that are firmly established, particularly in the tech world, because these businesses are still working to break into the market and public consciousness.

That is why it is so crucial for all employees to use their time as effectively as possible. Each person needs to take a look at their habits and figure out where changes can be made and where time can be used more efficiently than it currently is.

Here are some tips to help you improve your day:

  • Set deadlines for yourself: If you are working on open-ended projects for work, you should impose deadlines on yourself to make sure you get everything done in a timely way. While this might seem like you are stressing yourself out, these timeframes will actually help you focus on what needs to be done.
  • Take regular breaks: You will not be able to concentrate well if you are constantly feeling tired or worn out. Every couple of hours you should take a short break, as this will help you regain your focus and ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand.
  • Track time spent on projects: You might not be as good at gauging how much time you spend on a project as you think. You should keep a timer by your desk so you can see how much time is spent on daily tasks and where changes can be made.

If you are employed by a tech startup and are in need of new custom database software, be sure to contact Kyo Logic today! Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the different high-quality products that we offer to our customers.

3 ways to tell if your startup is worth the investment

If you are in the process of getting your tech startup off the ground, there are many different aspects that you will have to consider. Before anything else, you will need a specific product or service that will fill a void that exists somewhere in the current market that only you can fill.

While the success of failure of a company is never a forgone conclusion, there are certain signs and pieces of advice to follow that can help you out along the way. How can you determine whether or not you have a company that is worth investing in?

Here are a few ways to tell:

  • Everything really works: Before anything else, you want to make sure that the product you have is viable for the market. If you are still in the planning stages, you will need to work out the details before you go looking for investors.
  • There is an innovative product: The tech world is constantly changing, so you will need to have something that is truly innovate and necessary in the current marketplace. What your company offers needs to be a product or service that nobody else is offering.
  • Your business has a purpose: As we said above, your business should have a clear purpose for why it exists. If the world is not better served by what you are offering, chances are your business is not worth the investment.

If you are working on launching a startup and are in need of custom database software, be sure to contact Kyo Logic today! Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the different high-quality products that we carry.

3 tips for raising funds for your tech startup

If you are a fan of HBO's hit comedy "Silicon Valley," you are well aware of the troubles the central characters are going through to see their tech startup grow and become a major market force. What you might not know is how true to life the show's satirical points are, especially when it comes to finding the right funding for their company.

For those looking to get their tech startup off the ground, getting investors is one of the first things you will need to do. Having the seed money to really develop your product or service is essential, or else your vision will not become reality.

Here are a few tips for raising the funds:

  • Don't wait around: You need to start raising the money for your company right away. Things work fast in the tech world and, if you wait too long, you might find your company obsolete before you even get things going.
  • Find a lead investor: Having a lead investor will allow the terms to be set for the rest of those who want to buy into your company. By closing the deal as quickly as possible, you will gain momentum to find others to fund you.
  • Prepare the important documents: Investors are all about the bottom line, which you should be able to show them during your pitch. Having employment agreements, contracts, capitalization tables and board minutes available will show a degree of seriousness and organization.

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Elizabeth Warren breaks with Massachusetts tech industry over trade deal

President Obama, as well as Congress, is working on a comprehensive trade deal with Asian countries known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The purpose of the bill is to establish a strong U.S. presence in that region of the world, to help compete with China’s growing economic dominance in international trade.

While the president does have his supporters for the trade agreement, the controversial trade deal is not without its detractors. One of the most notable is a member of President Obama’s own party, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. The liberal hero has been vocal with her opposition to the deal, to the disappointment of the administration.

“I love Elizabeth; we’re allies on a whole host of issues,” President Obama said early last week to reporters on MSNBC. “But she’s wrong on this.”

Senator Warren’s position also puts her at odds with members of her own constituency, particularly members of the Massachusetts technology industry. While labor and environmental groups around the country cheered Warren for her opposition to the trade deal, many in her own home state were not as thrilled with her opinions.

As lawmakers in D.C. consider legislation that would propel the legislation forward, Democrats from Massachusetts are at odds with key delegations. There is a deep split in the Democratic party over the role of free trade and its effect on American workers and different industries within the country.

Boston has a surging technology and biotech industries, which rely on free trade to countries all over the world. Business leaders are worried that a trade deal that doesn’t go through could end up having detrimental economic results, as nearly 400,000 Massachusetts jobs are already supported by trade to these Asian countries.

If you work in the tech industry and are in need of new custom database software for your startup, be sure to contact Kyo Logic today!

3 tips to successfully pitch your tech startup

If you are looking to pitch your startup to potential investors, there are certain steps you should take in order to make sure that the presentation goes as well as possible. Getting seed money in the early stages of your company can be the difference between success and failure.

As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, you will be able to pitch your company and get the money you need to really get the operation up and running. The main thing you should focus on is being able to relax and confidently explain what your company can offer.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Always start with the problem: You should start off by addressing a problem in the tech world that your company is looking to solve. As long as you make your business seem vital to the community, it will be much more likely that you get investments right away.
  • Be as concise as possible: The worst thing you could do go on and on and lose the interest of the people you are pitching to. While it is important that you get to all of the necessary information, you want to do so in a succinct amount of time.
  • Lay out the potential audience: Of course, those who invest money with you will want to know when they can expect to get their money back. You can assuage them of any fears by talking about the audience out there who will need your product or service.

If you have recently started your own IT company and are in need of new custom database software, be sure to contact Kyo Logic today! Take a look at the rest of our website to learn more about the services and products that we offer.