Going mobile with database software powered by FileMaker

More and more businesses are finding tablet technology to be valuable in their efforts to limit administrative burdens and increase productivity in the workplace. However, some have been challenged with finding a cost-effective and easy-to-use option that would allow employees to grasp tablet technology quickly.

For many businesses, solutions for maximizing tablet technology can be found via database software powered by FileMaker. In its "Top 10 Business Trends of 2012" piece, Baseline Magazine predicted the use of tablets in the workplace to increase next year, led in part by FileMaker database software.

The source provided the example of the Austin Convention Center in Texas, which turned to custom application development to create a mobile version of its existing FileMaker-powered office database software. By using the intuitive technology, ACC was able to shorten the amount of time it spent training its workers to use tablets and saved at least $50,000 annually in improved productivity.

"We gave our maintenance service workers 10 minutes of training and off they went," the center's IT services manager, Joe Gonzalez, told the source.

FileMaker is the top database application for iPad and iPhone platforms, making it a natural fit for companies looking to enable the popular mobile devices with effective database software. 

The technology has been used to improve operations for companies in a variety of industries. For example, entertainment firms have been able to track financial and licensing information with tablet-based database software, while healthcare providers find its mobility to be an effective asset when caring for multiple patients in a hectic hospital environment.

Limiting the damage of staff turnover with database software

Turnover is one of the realities of the working world, and it's one managers must prepare for from the first day they hire a new worker. By developing a firm foundation in their workplace – backed by solid hiring practices, regular employee encouragement and productivity tools like database software – managers may be able to survive the challenges caused by turnover.

According to The Wall Street Journal, it can cost businesses double a current employee's salary to hire and train his or her replacement. That's not to mention the loss of productivity that may be endured when one capable member of the staff chooses to leave the company.

Managers can limit turnover by establishing building blocks for a strong staff, the Journal advises. A thorough hiring process can help identify candidates that may be less likely to leave the company prematurely or abruptly. Similarly, open lines of communication between managers and employees can discourage the type of discontent that may lead a worker to submit his or her resignation.

Aside from adopting steps to limit turnover, managers may be able to prepare for this eventuality by firming up the overall team. The most rocky turnovers often occur when companies entrusted a single worker with too much responsibility or information. Smart Business provides the example of IT professionals, who are often given free reign over a company's tech operations and whose departure often leaves companies scrambling for help.

As a result, managers should develop processes that spread task assignments and resources evenly among the team, making it so that losing one member won't upend everything else. Similarly, by relying on inituitive database software to standardize and simplify operations, managers may be able to more easily plug a new employee into a vacated spot.

Book advises managers jump headlong into people management

Many managers find themselves in a position of authority because they were able to demonstrate skill or proficiency in many administrative or technical tasks. However, one of their largest responsibilities is one that they may not have been challenged to display – a knack for people management.

The news source Small Business Trends published a review of "Full Engagement: Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People," a book written by business consultant Brian Tracy. According to the review, the book suggests managers engage in people management with full vigor and enthusiasm, since it is often the manager's attitude and decorum that steers the culture of the organization.

"The way you treat people, what you say and do that affects them emotionally, is more important in bringing out the best in people than all the education, intelligence or experience you might have at doing your job," Tracy writes in the introduction.

While the book describes a people-centric approach to management, it also behooves managers to arm themselves and their team with the tools for success. In this regard, it may be beneficial to turn to software developing companies for custom application development.

These consultant groups can help identify weaknesses or shortcomings in existing processes that may be mitigated through effective database software. They can also recommend the right software and vendor that may be able to help. FileMaker, for instance, is one top software that provides the intuitive interface and tools managers need to increase their productivity in a variety of fields.

Trusted FileMaker consultants may be able to connect clients in diverse industries such as education, government and nonprofit work with reliable database software that improves managers' and employees' workflows. As a result, managers can spend less time handling menial tasks and more time ensuring their workers are happy and productive.

Landscapers can benefit from custom application development

At first glance, landscaping may not appear to be a high-tech industry. However, companies in this and other related fields – including architecture, building design and contracting – must manage tasks and documents like any other business, a reality that suggests custom application development could be a worthwhile investment for landscaping businesses.

Software developers at October's Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) told the website GreenIndustryPros that custom application development can go a long way towards streamlining the administrative processes inherent in landscaping. Database software can be especially helpful for contractors that wish to manage documents and records.

For example, executives for software developing companies told the news source that landscaping contractors must often adhere to strict requirements in their document management. With the slew of regulatory forms and paperwork these professionals must handle on a regular basis, it can be a challenge to remain productive while juggling other responsibilities.

Additionally, these documents must be stored in a secure manner. Businesses in all industries and sectors have acknowledged the difficulty and expensive nature of arranging for physical file storage.

As a result, custom application development can provide a solution to these issues. By turning to trusted software developing companies, landscaping clients can arrange to have an easy-to-use and comprehensive administrative program developed for their ventures.

With this software, landscaping clients may be able to streamline their document management and go paperless, handling many of these critical tasks virtually. This can free up time for other important concerns and even save companies money by allowing them to forgo costly file storage arrangements.

When researching software developing companies for the jobs, landscapers and contractors may be best served by relying on those with certifications and credentials working with the top developmental database software on the market, such as FileMaker.

Banking technology improving business productivity

Businesses are often on the lookout for strategies that can increase productivity and limit needless expenses. A recent report says these companies need only turn to their own existing bank partners to discover ways to improve business productivity.

Sharon Dore, an executive with Michigan's First State Bank, told Smart Business Online that many businesses have been able to simplify their financial and accounting tasks, such as depositing, record keeping and electronic payments, by utilizing the tools and technologies their banking partners currently provide.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are one of the most notable ways of increasing business productivity. Typically used for direct deposit payroll purposes, banks are also making ACH payment options available for commercial clients, streamlining bill cycles by cutting down on delays and saving money.

Similar bank provisions – including remote deposit capture and anti-fraud measures – can improve productivity in other areas. The largest benefit of relying on these tools may be that they often require no additional investment on the part of the business, Dore told the source.

At the same time, by turning to an existing partner to save money on these tasks and responsibilities, companies may be able to consider other areas of the business that could benefit from the improved workflow provided by strategies such as custom application development.

Effective database software can slide into a company's internal framework to simplify its other processes, which may include payroll, inventory or accounting. Cost-effective database software has been used by businesses in a number of industries to create a more streamlined workplace.

As a result, companies that combine the best of both worlds – reliable productivity-improving services from an existing partner and custom application development from a trusted provider – may enjoy the most significant time and money savings.

FileMaker database software limiting IV infections

One Tennessee-based IV contractor has demonstrated that through the use of effective database software it is possible to cut down on bloodstream infections tied to the improper insertion or management of vascular access devices – better known as IVs.

Lee Medical, which provides vascular access services to healthcare providers around the country, used FileMaker Go for iPad software to develop a program called VAST. This software allows nurses and hospital staffers the ability to chart and track catheter information in real-time via the popular mobile device.

As such, custom application development has empowered Lee Medical to cut down on instances of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI), the harmful disease that often occurs when IVs are not inserted or managed correctly.

"By running FileMaker Go for iPad, we have been able to achieve a dramatic breakthrough and the end result is a much needed value proposition for healthcare: improved quality at reduced costs," Michele Lee, president of Lee Medical, said in a press release.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a significant portion of the nearly 250,000 bloodstream infections that occur in the U.S. each year are a result of CLABSI. As Lee Medical has demonstrated, database software may be able to assist other healthcare providers around the country limit IV-related infections.

By implementing secure database software, medical facilities may be able to deploy a system that gives nurses the ability to better check and track the proficiency of IV insertion. This software could also be custom-designed to institute other critical patient reviews and oversight, which may help reduce other potentially harmful medical errors.

However, healthcare providers in the market for custom application development are best served by turning to a certified FileMaker developer. These professionals may be more qualified to assist with the creation of a tailored application based on FileMaker software.