Holiday season magnifies workplace stress

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 13, 2011

Workers have much to manage throughout the year, and it’s up to administrators to do what they can to alleviate any resulting stress. That means providing the tools and resources that can help employees stay organized and productive. Database software can play an integral role in this process, providing offices with intuitive programs that help manage certain processes.

However, the holiday season often serves to add to workers’ personal and professional burdens. Many employees look to juggle holiday-related responsibilities – such as gift shopping, a child’s holiday recital at school, office gift exchanges and the company holiday party – with other work-based concerns.

That’s not to mention the physical byproducts of the season, such as sickness brought on by colder weather or even too much stress. As a result, it may be more important than ever for managers to be sensitive to their employees’ conditions during this time of year.

In a column for California’s North Bay Business Journal, human resource specialist Diana Gregory offered a few tips for managers looking to maintain productivity throughout the hectic holiday season. Workplace wellness programs centered on fitness and exercise can help alleviate stress and keep employees healthy, Gregory wrote, while third-party counseling services can provide workers with the emotional support they may need.

Support can also come in the form of increased communication and encouragement from upper management, said Gregory. Ultimately, managers need to demonstrate their willingness to compromise and empathize with workers during this time of year. Strategies that can make work tasks simpler and more effective can only help this process.

By researching software developing companies and selecting a trusted developer of database software, business owners may find the beneficial tools they need to empower employees not just during the holiday season, but also throughout the entire year.