Study: Some companies not maximizing data, database software

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 9, 2011

A global report on the use of data in the workplace reveals that while companies in a number of industries recognize the value of database software for leading the discussion on business intelligence, not all are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make the most of this information.

EMC released its Data Science Study, which reported that the rising access and declining cost of custom application development and other data services has increased the prevalence of intelligence gathering at businesses around the world. However, the dearth of qualified professionals on staff to analyze this data leaves many businesses at a loss at how to maximize the information they receive.

For example, the study – which surveyed businesses in the United States, Germany, China, France, India and the United Kingdom – found that only 33 percent of respondents were “very confident” in their company’s ability to turn data into fruitful business decisions. Data scientists noted a lack of strong tools and primary decision-makers bemoaned an inability to use data to make the most of trends.

“The Big Data era has arrived in full force, bringing with it an unprecedented opportunity to transform business and the way we work and live,” Jeremy Burton, an executive at EMC, said in a press release. “What’s needed to fully realize its value is a vibrant, interconnected, highly-skilled and empowered data science community to reveal relevant trend patterns and uncover new insights hidden within.”

As a result, businesses looking to make the most of custom application development to build programs that can improve workplace productivity and provide predictive modeling for consumer trends and industry growth may want to consider the most trusted software developing companies. Top programmers not only offer the tools to develop such database software, but also a consultative approach that ensures clients can make the most of their investment.