FileMaker 14 tackles certification testing

Posted by John Mathewson on January 15, 2016

This blog has previously noted the advantages of using FileMaker 14, as well as features in the new version. In October, FileMaker announced "Developer Essentials for FileMaker 14," a certification exam that signifies developers are ready to use this platform for mobile solutions. As the official post on the certification described, FileMaker left the process open-ended enough for applicants to learn all of the specifics of this platform at their own pace.

A key emphasis in FileMaker 14 is centralized access.

Because of the advantages of achieving certification, candidates can use this official marker as proof that they are keeping up with the latest available FileMaker capabilities.

For FileMaker 14, these include easier scripting tool access, streamlined navigation and better audio and video playback, as an IT Wire article noted last May. A key emphasis is centralized access, as users interact with several solutions through a smart and intuitive base.

In a press release from October, Ann Monroe, FileMaker's senior director of Marketing, said that "certification matters" and explained why this can help developers augment their career.

"As the FileMaker Platform grows, adding exciting new features in the mobile and web space, a well-rounded developer needs to demonstrate a wider range of skills and experience," she said. "Certification helps to demonstrate this achievement to hiring organizations."

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