Claris FileMaker is Now Available on Linux

As part of Claris’s new open release approach to FileMaker 19, the latest version of their platform now supports CentOS Linux. This includes all the features and benefits you’ve come to expect from FileMaker, as well as the most recent updates (you can read more about the most recent version of FileMaker here). While FileMaker Server was previously available for Windows and macOS, this marks the first time it’s been available on the open-source Linux system in many years.

This is especially exciting because a considerable number of businesses utilize Linux for both cloud hosting and their on-premise servers specifically for its security and stability.

In a press release, Claris noted that FileMaker Server for Linux includes key features like data integration via OData and the FileMaker Data API, server-side script schedules and plug-ins, and custom backup schedules. 

Claris also stressed that regardless of which operating system you’re using FileMaker on, you’ll be able to enjoy their new features like faster upgrades and better performance.

This year has seen Claris continue to innovate and bring major, requested features to their platform, and they show no signs of slowing. Have any questions about how you can create FileMaker applications for your business? Reach out to us here.