FileMaker 13 improves protection for data at rest
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FileMaker 13 improves protection for data at rest

FileMaker 13 improves protection for data at rest

Yesterday, this blog gave a broad overview of the security features that were added to FileMaker 13. These include a powerful AES 256-bit encryption, visual encryption state indicator and SSL certification management system. While all of this is considered a major security enhancement, some are excited for one smaller feature – encryption of data at rest.

In a recent blog post for the FileMaker Forum, Steven Blackwell, who focuses on security, said the most significant enhancement is the improved protection for data at rest. This refers to information that is currently inactive and is stored physically in any digital form like in a database, spreadsheet or mobile device. It makes up one of the three stages of data, the others being "in use" and "in motion."

Blackwell mentioned that now, more than ever before, organizations are under attack by different forms of cyber crime. This can either be a direct approach from criminals, or if a piece of malware is downloaded accidentally.

"For developers who support business areas with regulatory compliance requirements related to data confidentiality, the new encryption of data at rest will make securing the file much easier," the article reads. "It can also provide increased confidence in the solution's ability to meet those regulatory requirements."

He added that for files containing sensitive, confidential or proprietary data that is not often in use, encryption of data at rest is highly recommended. Nearly all business solutions need to make sure data is protected in all three phases.

For companies that are using FileMaker, these new security features should allow them to release a sigh of relief.

Justin Hesser

Kyo Logic