FileMaker 13: How layout has improved

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 24, 2014

When it comes to any software solution, simplicity is crucial for success. We are in the middle of a weekly series looking at how FileMaker 13 was upgraded to improve operations while remaining simple enough for users to understand and create with. This week, the focus is on the new layout enhancements.

There have been several improvements to the layouts in FileMaker 13. First is the enhancement to the container field which automatically get metadata from items stored in container fields using the "Get Container Attribute" functions. There are more than 40 attributes available.

The new system has calculated tab control titles and dialog button titles. There is also dynamic locale formatting for adding dates, times and numbers based on the system settings on the computer running the solution to make it easier to create solutions that will work in multiple geographic regions.

There are also improved script steps including HTTP post for uploading files and submitting completed web forms, triggers a script to perform on the server that it hosting the file and a refresh object script that steps updates the content, conditional formatting and visibility state for the specified object.

The layout redesign is also present in the new version of FileMaker Go and the iOS platform. It allows layouts and reports that are optimized for different devices. It also adds slide controls, swipe gestures and popovers.

These upgrades allow developers to help users make more useful solutions more efficiently than before. A Connecticut FileMaker developer can help businesses use these new layouts to improve their databases.