Posted by Justin Hesser on August 15, 2023


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4 Years
Marine Science
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OceanX is a nonprofit organization with an admirable mission: explore the world’s oceans, and bring their findings back to the world. Of course, this incredibly talented teams working both on the mainland and in vessels. Their OceanXplorer is one of the most advanced marine vessels ever constructed, equipped with cutting-edge research and multimedia equipment. Among other accomplishments, OceanX was the first to explore the deep Antarctic sea, the first to film a giant squid in the deep, and their crew discovered the Galapagos catshark.

The Challenge

The OceanXplorer is an advanced science vessel crewed by incredibly talented people doing very important research. However, this research effectively mandates the crew be isolated hundreds of miles into the ocean, far away from their fellow OceanX teammates… and just as far away from a reliable internet signal. The OceanXplorer needed to be able to send critical information back to home base. Just as importantly, the servers on the vessel and the servers at headquarters needed to have their data synced.

The Task

Develop a sophisticated application that collects and manages vital logistics information on land and synchronizes this information with an identical system collecting real-time information at sea. Capture this information and allow the two systems to synchronize their data via satellite. Deploy this system in a manner that the ship’s crew could manage communication with minimal effort and complete accuracy.

Our Process

Through a detailed, collaborative process, Kyo Logic developed a method to accurately sync the two servers using native Claris FileMaker technology— near real-time ship to shore communication via satellite. It was critically important that the Kyo Logic team gain a deep understanding of the needs of the OceanX team and visiting scientists. This knowledge allowed Kyo Logic to build a platform that addressed all of OceanX’s needs.
Claris FileMaker’s flexibility and raw power allowed Kyo Logic to create a system that made the syncing of these remote servers virtually seamless. You can learn more about how Kyo Logic harnessed the power of Claris’s FileMaker to solve this problem in the video below.


We were able to create the world’s-first custom solution that could ensure everyone was working within the same information, even when the OceanXplorer was out of internet range. While we can’t share the details of how the system operates, it’s been able to save employees hundreds of hours, minimize risk, and ensure accuracy. It’s all thanks to the power of one custom application.

90% Increase

in reporting accuracy

100s of Hours

saved on work processes

Synchronized Data

across thousands of sea miles 

We needed to organize our information and data to run our operations in a more effective way. We now spend less time working on specific tasks and our operations and communication are more efficient. Kyo Logic was excellent with their level of flexibility and support, and their response times have been great. This felt like a real partnership.

Vincent Pieribone
Vice Chairman