KyoSync II: Using FileMaker to Integrate Robust Syncing Capabilities for Remote Work.
Thursday, Februrary 8 | 11:40 AM CT | Philosophers’ Rock/Zilker Park
In this Claris Engage 2024 Session John Mathewson relates how his team reliably syncs two FileMaker systems, even when one server is remote and has limited access. You’ll also get an inside look at KyoSync II, the technology that made this all possible.
John Mathewson
Founder & CEO


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What’s included
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KyoSync II: Syncing Made Simple

Introducing the easiest way to sync multiple FileMaker servers for seamless information transfer.

  • Sync across devices

    Whether your team is out in the field, servicing remote areas, or have poor connectivity.
  • Common Use Cases

    Field services, remote work, austere conditions, disaster recovery.
  • It Just Works

    Simple to set up, easy to use, will sync even in austere or limited connectivity situations.
  • Offer For Engage Attendees

    $99 first year price for session attendees. $249/yr MSRP. Offer valid through 2/16/2024. See terms of usage here.

Purchasing KyoSync II

Licensing is simple: We charge $249/year for one server access with up to ten remote connections. Need more servers or more connections? No problem! Simply purchase as many additional licenses as you need.
If you’re interested in taking advantage of our Claris Engage offer, click the learn more button below to contact us and we’ll get you set up.

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  • CT FileMaker Developer Group

    Wed, March 27, 2024 | 4:00 PM ET | RSVP Here

About us

Kyo Logic is a platinum-certified Claris solutions provider providing custom application development, tech advisory, and data visualization services. Kyo Logic helps organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local businesses streamline and optimize data management and their operational processes. Claris recently featured Kyo Logic’s incredible work with OceanX, which utilizes KyoSync II.

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