About Kyo Logic - Kyo Logic
Kyo Logic is a certified Platinum FileMaker Pro developer. We create FileMaker database projects, custom apps and integrated mobile solutions for clients across all business sectors.
FileMaker Pro, Platinum, database, developer, mobile apps, custom apps, integrated mobile solutions, websites, cloud hosting
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Kyo Logic is located in Southern Connecticut and was started in 2002 with a goal to change the way you think about FileMaker Pro development projects. We create custom apps and integrated mobile solutions for clients across all business sectors.
With Certified Platinum level skills and thousands of hours of real-world production experience, we can build the powerful, customized and integrated software solutions you need. Our team leverages these advantages even further by providing our clients with shorter development times and lower overall project costs. We are able to do this because of our commitment to efficiency and our decades of combined experience. We also have a deep understanding of FileMaker and its power, functionality, and flexibility, so we can bring the very best solutions to the table.
We extend our services to webinars, speaking engagements, educational opportunities, and workshops. We use each event as an opportunity become a better development partner.
We would like to partner with you on your next project. Let’s get started!
FileMaker Business Alliance - Certified Platinum Developer

The Kyo Logic Team

John Mathewson

Certified FileMaker Developer
18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7

John is the President of Kyo Logic, starting it in 2002 out of his house in Westport, Connecticut. Owning and running a technology-based company has been a dream of his ever since he was younger. When FileMaker came into the tech world, it immediately sparked his interest and thus, Kyo Logic was born. In his previous line of work, his company had implemented FileMaker as their primary software development system, so John has been familiar with FileMaker for a while. His first certification in FileMaker dates back to FileMaker 5 in 2002 (back when it was referred to as the FileMaker Proficiency Exam), and continues to get certified every year. Originally from Canada, John was an avid Hockey player growing up and became interested in electronics, especially audio equipment. When he isn’t running Kyo Logic, he is at home designing and building audio equipment, spending time with his dog and our company mascot (Muffin), and honing his skills in the kitchen, especially when cooking East Asian cuisine.
Justin Hesser
Vice President of Development

Certified FileMaker Developer 18, 17, 16

Justin attended the University of Florida (Go Gators), something that is very clear when he is wearing anything blue and orange around the office. Justin was lucky enough to have had lots of experience with FileMaker before coming to Kyo Logic in 2018. In his off time, Justin loves to remain active and play sports, or go on hikes with his dog Zoey. A few fun facts about Justin are: his favorite food is guacamole (on just about anything that tastes good with it), and his first favorite album he ever owned was the Stranger by Billy Joel. Justin is a problem solver and is most comfortable solving complicated situations within coding and building systems.
Christian O’Brien
Senior Developer

Certified FileMaker Developer  18, 17, 16, 15

Christian first joined the Kyo Logic in 2016 as a FileMaker Developer. Since that time he has become a mentor for new developers joining the team teaching them the ins and outs of FileMaker. Christian quickly earned his first FileMaker Certification in version 15. In his free time Christian likes building apps for his close friends many times in FileMaker due to the easy to use nature. Like many of the other team members of Kyo Logic Christian is an avid chef and foodie and can always recommend the latest cooking trends.
Derek Lomba
Senior Developer

Certified FileMaker Developer  18, 17, 16

Originally a Communications major from Suffolk University with an interest in film, Derek quickly jumped into the coding world at his last job. There he started as Project Coordinator then switched to systems analyst, encouraged to become familiar with FileMaker and its useful applications. Through trial by fire he learned quickly and began to teach his fellow team members. At Kyo Logic’s Boston office, Derek utilizes his FileMaker experience daily. When he isn’t working with Kyo he considers running to be one of his favorite pastimes. He also prides himself on being a classic movie critic, as well has having a particular interest in music. The first record Derek specifically remembers being his favorite is Ok Computer by Radiohead.
Muffin Mathewson
Office Mascot
Meet Muffin, Kyo Logic’s four-legged Mascot. Born in 2007, she doesn’t have any FileMaker experience but she helps John run things around the office. When she isn’t enjoying treats and taking naps at Kyo, she is doing the exact same things in her free time at home. If you ever come to visit our office, she will almost definitely be the first member of the team you will see.


Custom apps to meet your unique needs, including mobile business solutions.



Unlock FileMaker’s full potential, so you can do more, and do it more efficiently.

Cloud Hosting


Fully managed, maximum security and enterprise-class performance and availability.

Website Development


Maximize your FileMaker solutions with a companion website.

Licensing & Upgrades

& Upgrades

Streamline the licensing and upgrade process and keep your software up to date.

Server Maintenance


Our dedicated professional maintenance will keep your system secure and reliable.