FileMaker announces free guide, webinar for high-performance solutions

Posted by Justin Hesser on October 15, 2014

FileMaker Inc. has published an online guide to creating high-performance custom FileMaker solutions. The guide, titled simply "Performance," is the first in a series of solution design guides that will be made available for download from the free-to-join FileMaker Technical Network. Through the Network, users can join a community of FileMaker developers and experts to share ideas and solutions, as well as download articles, scripts, software and technical briefs.

The 30-page guide outlines how to create custom solutions that are not only efficient but easy to use, both in terms of their visual design and for subsequent maintenance and updating. The guide is suitable for both Apple and Windows users, and it focuses especially on mobile support. Readers will learn how to automate tasks through the FileMaker server to improve the performance of FileMaker Pro for iPad and iPhone.

"The Performance guide helps new users to optimize their new FileMaker solutions and experienced developers to tune up their existing solutions," said vice president of marketing and services Ryan Rosenberg. "High-performing solutions are easier to maintain and more enjoyable for people to use."

Additionally, the company announced that a free webinar will be held on October 28 on "Eight ways to make FileMaker databases run even faster." The webinar will be co-hosted by FileMaker technical marketing manager Matthew O'Dell and certified developer and authorized trainer Mark Richman of Skeleton Key, a St. Louis-based company that, like Kyo Logic, is a member of the FileMaker Academy. There will be two sessions on that date, at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm ET.