Transportation company uses FileMaker as the backbone of management solution

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 1, 2014

One of the biggest challenges of data management is creating a smart way to access it. FileMaker is one of the top solutions on the market, and the way businesses are benefiting from using it shows why.

A recent article from ITR News profiled transportation company Ninatrans. In an effort to improve its operations, the company deployed a FileMaker Pro solution to better track and plan its controls and routes.

According to Benny Smets, the director of Ninatrans, the company started using FileMaker as a bill and order tracking system. The system performed so well that when the time came to upgrade other systems, the company transitioned them to FileMaker. This led to the creation of a transportation management solution that is used for recording data on employees, fleet customers, maintenance and controls.

One of the benefits that made FileMaker the obvious choice as a backbone solution is flexibility. With FileMaker Pro and Go, the business can create an in-depth database that can be accessed in real-time from a computer, iPhone or iPad. Ninatrans was also able to create a customer goods database tool that was client facing. Now, any customer can log on to the database and see exactly where their goods along the supply chain. This is a level of customization most systems do not offer.

Every client wants to have access to their data, whether it’s in weekly reports or instant data. With FileMaker, it is possible to offer all of this and give consumers the experience that keeps them coming back.

With the help of a FileMaker developer, any company will be able implement the software in an effective manner.