Tablets can transform businesses

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 7, 2014

One of the hallmarks of modern business is mobility. To compete in this landscape, companies have to be agile, which often means go-friendly devices like tablets. 

For good reason, Apple's iPad remains the gold standard in the tablet world. Not only does it combine an ease of functionality with an ability to sync seamlessly with other devices, it also is one of the first platforms to receive many important updates. Developers often target iOS as an operating system to build on, secure in the knowledge that it will lead to widespread deployment and (usually) earlier release dates. 

Especially helpful for enterprise use are database solutions. FileMaker developers can help transform the analytics for a small company: by making such a powerful program fit in with a moderate budget, these professionals can give every company the opportunity to use data in an efficient manner. 

An article in Computer Weekly detailed the value of this process. 

"Apple-owned FileMaker provides a platform for developing applications, and an ecosystem of hosting service providers has sprung up to project FileMaker applications from the cloud. In addition, vertical industries are adapting iPads to their own use. Each enterprise vertical tailors the iPad to its own needs. For example, in healthcare, providers have developed services for discharging patients and moving them to outpatient care on the iPad platform. As enterprises devote developer talent to proprietary iOS applications, vertical adaption will become even more widespread," explains the source. 

For any company looking to improve operations and the bottom line, tablets and FileMaker could be a worthwhile start.