Why the iPad is on top of the tablet marketplace
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Why the iPad is on top of the tablet marketplace

Why the iPad is on top of the tablet marketplace

Few enterprise solutions have had as big of an impact as tablets. Since the market was kicked started in 2010 when Apple introduced the iPad, tablets have exploded and have become a secondary tool in many industries, while also being able to handle nearly any task that employees need to accomplish on a daily basis.

A recent article from ComputerWeekly examined the different reasons why the iPad has become one of the biggest IT innovations of the last decade. The article also mentions that the best way to take advantage of these devices is to use Apple.

While it is clear that the tech giant has been at the head of the tablet push, it has also continued to innovate in such a way that the experience for consumers and businesses alike has improved. The iOS sandbox is constantly adding new apps and is often the first platform release choice of developers. Businesses have also experienced specific benefits in these upgrades including improved mobile device management systems and specific software like FileMaker.

"Apple-owned FileMaker provides a platform for developing applications, and an ecosystem of hosting service providers has sprung up to project FileMaker applications from the cloud," the article reads.

The tablet's impact on business is easy to see, but it can take a complex solution to incorporate these devices in a manner that is best for improving the specific operations of a given company. The right FileMaker developer, for example, can help any organization create a custom solution.

Justin Hesser

Kyo Logic