FileMaker 13 considered powerful database solution

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 2, 2014

The latest upgrade to FileMaker has helped cement the solution as a powerful database tool for the enterprise marketplace. Over the last few months, we have touched on several of the features that make the system as a whole a popular software tool.

A recent article from ProgrammableWeb put the system through the ringer for full review. Article author Stuart Iler, along with his team, created desktop, Web and mobile layouts with FileMaker Pro without any programming. While a database novice may face a learning curve, the intuitive interface and extensive documentation will make it much easier for anyone that is handling this process.

“One of the key selling points for FileMaker 13 is that it lets users design and create a single database back end, with an easily configured and deployed solution wherever you want to consume it. In the process of conducting this review, the advantages of that approach were apparent,” the article reads. “In all, we recommend FileMaker 13 as a powerful tool for building customizable database solutions without the need for a lot of technical know-how.”

It is unsurprising that the piece gives a positive review to FileMaker 13. It is a powerful database tool that can help any organization find a more efficient way of doing business. However, it can be difficult for companies that are unfamiliar with this kind of software solution to effectively deploy it. This is where a FileMaker developer can become a valuable resource for creating and deploying a new database.