Farm uses FileMaker to improve operations and bottom line

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 30, 2014

When most people think about using the latest technology to improve overall operations, they picture a company that is based in technology. While that may include older computer systems, there is some hint of tech already being deployed. What doesn't come to mind is a farm, restaurant and cheesemaker that uses a tablet and the latest databasing systems to improve overall operations.

FileMaker is such a flexible solution that is can be used by a number of different organizations to take operations to a new level. One of the company's recent profiles focused on Sea Breeze Farm, a grass-based animal farm known for world-class wine, a restaurant, charcuterie, butcher and cheese shops. It is located outside of Seattle and used the motto "Green is Good."

This is the type of business that would seem to shy away from technology, but instead has embraced the latest technology and is thriving because of this decision.

According to owner George Page, the farm used FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go to create an integrated business system that links the numerous operations that the farm conducts into a single platform. It has elevated the farm's overall efficiency and profits.

In the dairy operations, Page and his team are able to manage cow productivity and update information in real-time on the server for all to see. For the cheese, employees keep records of which kind of milk is being used during the process and track of aging times. This is also used in the wine cellar to monitor every batch. In the butcher shop, orders and delivery of every cut of meat is tracked. Aside from having all of this information at their fingertips at any time through an iPad, iPhone or iPod, caring for these devices is also much simpler in the cramped quarters of some of the farm's rooms.

"We have to track production for internal and regulatory purposes, constantly logging temperatures, refrigeration times, ingredients, recipes and weights," says Page. "We need to do it in a tiny space and on a system that we can keep clean instead of running the risk of getting food stuck in a keyboard."

The restaurant, which is much roomier, is also included in the FileMaker solution as a custom point-of-sale solution.

With all of these systems tracked through a single platform in real-time, the farm is able to make sure that everyone is on the same page and master inventory numbers are accurate.

With the help of a FileMaker developer, any company will be able to create a custom solution that improves the bottom line.