It’s time for businesses to rethink their data strategies

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 25, 2014

The business technology landscape is constantly evolving. For organizations, it is becoming increasingly important to keep an ear to the ground and make sure they are keeping up with the times. Organizations that fail to do that could find themselves outdated and suddenly scrambling to catch-up.

One area of business that has been evolving quickly over the last few years is the database. With more solutions becoming digital, the amount of information that is suddenly available is growing. However, managing all of this data has become increasingly difficult.

A recent article from Database Trends and Applications spoke with Anne Buff, a Thought Leader for SAS Best Practices at SAS Institute. The interview was held in preparation of the upcoming Data Summit that will be held in New York from May 12 through 14. Buff will be one of the keynote speakers delivering a speech called "Oh, Shift! How Big Data Is Calling for an Enterprise Data Rethink."

Her biggest point is that data strategies are evolving and many organizations need to take some time to re-evaluate what they do.

"Big data is still in its early stages. A lot of that is because people don't quite know what they are going to do with it yet," said Buff. "They know what it is, they know where they can get it but they have not quite figured out what they are going to do with it. Right now one of the biggest things is just trying to define what big data means to an organization."

With the help of a managed IT services software provider, any company can start revamping its strategies and improve how it uses data.