FAQ: Can FileMaker support a website?

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 30, 2014

Every business considering a partnership with a FileMaker developer is going to have questions. In this series we will address the frequently asked questions that our customers have about our services.

Answer: In today’s business landscape, having a website is crucial for business success.The increasing use of mobile devices and the always connected consumer base has made it a necessity for organizations to have some form of an online presence, and the more engaging it is, the better.

Despite being a database solution, FileMaker is designed in such a way that it is perfect for integrating or even hosting with a website. By partnering with Kyo Logic, we can help take FileMaker and add it to your business’s website.

There are two ways that this can happen. The first is by building a traditional website with FileMaker as the web server. This is the more popular option, and one that was are highly skilled at. FileMaker has evolved to become an excellent front end for websites.

The database is capable of PHP libraries to support any website. It can handle services like SOAP, WISDL and more. Sometimes, there may be an additional plug-in required for success.

The second is through the use of the new WebDirect feature that is a part of FileMaker 13. We profiled the new direct feature back at the beginning of March and covered what the critics thought of the solution. It helps add FileMaker features to a web browser and is recommended for a site that would have up to 50 concurrent users.