FileMaker 13 WebDirect – What do the critics say?

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 6, 2014

Yesterday, this blog covered the FileMaker 13 feature WebDirect. The web technology allows businesses to take their databases easily onto the Web. While it is important to know what the new feature is, it is also key to understand how it works when in the hands of users.

It hit the selves back in December and users have had three months to play with it. Across the board, reviews of the system are positive.

Macworld described the HTML5-based FileMaker technology as "revolutionary." Despite being in it's first iteration, the program works well. In the testing, both Safari and Chrome were used and it was discovered that the system provides 95 percent of the experience of accessing the same database that works just as a database created in FileMaker should.

A review from Technology Tell called the system "truly spectacular."

"Once you've completed making your solution, you can post the solution into a FileMaker Server, and, well, that's it," the article reads. "Users can now simply direct their browser to the FileMaker Server and use the database pretty much as they would if they had FileMaker Pro on their computer."

Tim Dietrich, a database consultant, called the system "amazing" and noted that it will play a major role in the future of the FileMaker platform, but it will need to go through some growing pains before it is able to get there.

While WebDirect is still a new system, it is clearly impressing the technology community. A Connecticut FileMaker developer can help any business deploy these services.