FileMaker 13 SQL – What do the critics say?

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 13, 2014

Earlier this week, our profile series on FileMaker 13 features explained Structured Query Language (SQL), which has been around since FileMaker 9. However, it experienced a big upgrade in FileMaker 12, which has continued to evolve in the latest iteration.

The positive feelings from experts about FileMaker 12, where ExecuteSQL was introduced, still remain. The new service brings a number of advanced features to database creation and gives developers the ability to apply SQL commands against the data of the current FileMaker file.

According to a review by Seed Code, one of the more exciting, but less obvious features in FileMaker 13 is an upgrade in the SQL syntax. This was not announced and was only known to those individuals that played around with the system or read the reference guide.

Specifically, article focused on two specific clauses “OFFSET” and “FETCH FIRST.” These are two functions that users of this system have been asking for some time. They provide the ability to filter results in different ways within the query and improve certain situations.

OFFSET allows users to skip a designated number of rows and display the results. FETCH FIRST lets users limit the number of results in the query.

While the ExecuteSQL feature takes away the “anyone can make a database” legacy that has made FileMaker so popular, it is there for those that choose to take the time to learn it. General users are still able to take full advantage of the solution, but there is now a powerful second level that advanced users can operate.