A deeper look at the FIleMaker 13 layout

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 25, 2014

Yesterday, we continued our series looking at the new features of FileMaker 13. The focus this week is on the improved layout features that make the system easier for many organizations to use.

A recent article from Technology Tell dove deep into FileMaker 13, examining all of the new features. Throughout the review, the layout comes up.

There was one drawback that the review points out. This is in the pre-made layouts for the desktop that do not have a counterpart within the Touch layout. In FIleMaker 12, there were 35 desktop layouts and five of those were specifically designed with touch in mind. For FileMaker 13, the number of desktops increased to 42, but only nine of them are comparable with touch.

With how much support and focus is being put in FileMaker Go, it would seem like the touch/mobile landscape would have a bigger focus. However, it is important to point out that FileMaker 13 does have the ability to import layouts. This means that these numbers could start to even out as more desktop versions get touch comparable versions.

There was also another improvement to the layout that was not touched upon yesterday. One of the new features is WebDirect, which helps organizations transport their information to the Web. The new feature has modifying the database design with fields, layouts, scripts and relationships.

While there may still be a little work to make the system perfect, the layout upgrades allow developers to help users make more useful solutions. A FileMaker developer can help businesses use these new layouts to improve their databases.