Big Data could revolutionize social media on mobile

Posted by Justin Hesser on February 19, 2014

In a metaphorical sense, the Internet is everywhere. People around the globe share access to the same information, and can communicate with a speed and frequency previously unthinkable. 

However, the Internet is also everywhere in a much more literal sense. With the rise of mobile devices, more consumers have access to to the web from virtually anywhere. In fact, this spread is the catalyst for unprecedented growth in the amount of data that can be shared: estimates indicate that the size of the Internet will double within the next few years

This is big news for businesses that are able to take advantage of these changes. Mobile SEO is critical for drawing and retaining customers, and companies that don't keep these lessons in mind are in danger of falling behind: 84 percent of shoppers use their phones while in a physical retail location. 

Managed IT services software will play a big role in a company's ability to seamlessly integrate these lessons. In an article for Silicon Angle, author Ryan Cox highlights the need for this sort of development. 

"Big Data tactics + the drag-net that is required to capture that mobile data is the future of both commerce and communication. And despite being late to the party, search was invited. Mobile SEO is going to become the gateway to being discovered by the '80 percent' customer base of the future. With every passing day mobile SEO is becoming increasingly important to your bottom line, whether you realize it or not," Cox writes. 

If you're not considering how to use Big Data to engage customers, they could be gone before you realize it.