New developments in Big Data

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 30, 2013

Today, more and more businesses are relying on Big Data to either keep pace with or gain an advantage on their competitors. Companies are better understanding the value that a CT FileMaker developer can add to their brand, between better understanding of their customer base and a better awareness of how they can best serve them. Now that these ideas are more mainstream, the next iteration of these principles will feature several exciting improvements. 

One facet to see growth will be in speed. It almost seems impossible that information could get any faster, but that's exactly what's happening. Companies like Hadoop and Apache Spark are releasing software that promises memory processing that will happen almost in real time, an astounding upgrade that will no doubt have impressive implications. For example, businesses that employ sensors (like weather applications) can receive up to millions of individual "events" per second. Being able to parse that data more quickly will lead to better analysis and more streamlined results. 

Not only will information be more swift, it will be of better quality. Data collection has already far surpassed the human capacity to manage it manually, so it's processed based on rules defined by programmers ahead of time. In general, this allows for decision making to be done at a higher level than ever possible. However, a small piece of erroneous data can wind up having a relatively large effect. Improving the information gathering process and quickly expurgating bad data points will have an exponential effects on the overall quality of the analysis.

This improvement will also lead to new possible applications. Various industries have already seen the value of Big Data, and as it becomes more reliable and widespread, that number will only increase. The help of FileMaker consultants means that now even small businesses can harness this power without requiring specialized infrastructure or data scientists. The democratization of Big Data could also lead to breakthroughs: the more people have access to a strategy, the more people will be able to improve it. 

As we head into the new year, the future of analytics is bright, indeed. Not only will these new applications make those businesses function better, they could also have a positive effect on health care, diet, food and entertainment.