9 Nine fun uses for FileMaker Pro

Posted by Justin Hesser on November 6, 2013

Are you a Connecticut FileMaker developer with a shiny new copy of the software and no ideas of what to with it? Here are nine awesome suggestions that can help you get the most of the program:

1. Keep track of plant growth and health for your patio herb garden. Bon appetit!

2. Manage requests for all of the guests of your bread and breakfast.

3. Track and monitor student success between different classes. You can figure out which students need help and in what subject, all in real time.

4. Keep your artistic portfolio on hand at all times. Search it easily, and show the exact digital painting you want to find with just a few clicks.

5. Record and analyze lab results. Dealing with a ton of samples? No problem! FileMaker offers ways to easily organize huge amounts of data. 

6. Oversee your university's library. With the inventory at your fingertips, finding even a rarely used book is easy. 

7. Ensure your pets are happy and healthy. With FileMaker, it's a cinch to keep detailed information on illnesses, eating patterns and treatment history, especially since your dog is unlikely to be able to do it all himself. 

8. Conduct an employee survey. Once you've compiled all the data, you can sort by department, level, hiring data or any other criteria that might pique your interest. 

9. Get a better night's sleep. Recording and investigating your snoozing patterns might yield info that will keep you more energetic and happier throughout the day.

These were just suggestions: clearly, the possibilities are wide and varied. In the end, how you use choose to use your copy of Filemaker is up to your heart's desires.