Why businesses need to keep up with application development trends

Posted by Justin Hesser on October 8, 2013

As you begin to plan your strategies and budgets for 2014, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends, particularly in the realm of technology. Application development is growing in the business sector, as more companies are working with developers to build solutions for processing data, communication and boosting overall productivity. The question is, how are these apps being developed now?

A study conducted by Forrester found three trends regarding application development. They are:

  • Cloud deployment models are changing the economics of applications
  • User experience is improving
  • Componentization supporting smart functionality.

All three are essentially geared toward improving the application's performance in an environment that's most convenient for users. In the business realm, this is crucial for those tasked with processing and reporting on data. Because we are more connected than ever before, hosting these solutions in the cloud has become essential. Moreover, the cloud has offered new advantages by allowing organizations to upgrade and manage their solutions more frequently.

Traditional on-premises applications are tapped out," the study says. "Software upgrades have become so costly and difficult that most customers defer them for years, sometimes even for a decade."

The future of application development will allow users to customize and manipulate their solutions with greater ease. They will be able to scale and flex their software in a way that accommodates any business change, such as new users brought on by a hiring spike or a massive growth of data. 

Partnering with a FileMaker developer will allow companies to obtain the solutions they need to keep up with trends and maintain their economic viability as software applications continue to evolve.