Study: Non-profits struggle with data management

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 6, 2013

The importance of proper data management is not exclusive to for-profit companies. In fact, non-profit organizations may have a greater need for data management, considering that many have a responsibility to provide assistance with social issues. Improper data management in the non-profit sector can have consequences that extend far beyond the organization.

However, many non-profits are struggling with handling their information. According to a study conducted by the Washington-based CPA and consulting firm Tate & Tryon, the main obstacle these organizations are facing is missing and inaccurate data. Perhaps most disconcerting is the fact that while the majority of organizations know what their problem is, they don't necessarily understand what's causing that problem. "Without understanding what is truly preventing your organization from fully leveraging your data, you may end up wasting time and money – such as buying new database software – fixing something that wasn't broken," the report says.

While that assertion makes sense in theory, companies shouldn't simply negate the importance of database software. The purpose of the statement is to implore users not to invest anything they don't need, but know that they will still need some way to monitor and track information. Buying a solution for the sake of having one might not be the answer, but if you are able to build a custom database software system that fits your information management needs, you can identify data issues and solve them without having to take any unnecessary action.

FileMaker development is an ideal solution because it allows you to create a system that fits specifically with your organization. You can maximize your data management efforts and alleviate any issues such as lost or inaccurate information.