How FileMaker can help you get around data roadblocks

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 25, 2013

The concept of big data has been around for a number of years, and most organizations have learned how to leverage information into smart, profitable business decisions, but plenty of companies still struggle with the execution of information management strategies.

To maximize the impact of their information and to truly be successful as a business, organizations have to learn what roadblocks stand in the way between them and an effective big data strategy. An article in the online publication Health Data Management offers three possibilities: a failure to understand the right data management technologies, budgetary constraints and a lack of understanding of the breadth of big data possibilities.

While this article is focused on health care data, its principles can be applied in virtually every industry.

“Big data technologies offer a different model for managing, maintaining and mobilizing data,” the article says. “Implementing them provides an opportunity to look at the workload currently managed by those traditional – and possibly crumbling – environments in order to find ways to reach better outcomes more quickly and cost-effectively.”

So how do businesses clear these  hurdles? Finding the right technology is the most important component of a big data strategy, as it can help solve all three.

Consider FileMaker development. Using this platform to build data management tools can give you the functionality you need to properly monitor and process your seemingly endless volumes of information. A custom database software system is designed specifically for your operations, meaning it is the best solution for your needs.

FileMaker development can also help you get around budgetary concerns. While money is always a factor in any business decision, many FileMaker projects, particularly if you work with the right development firm, can be completed with less money and in a shorter amount of time than you might expect. FileMaker is a cost-effective platform designed to produce positive results and start delivering a return on investment right away.

Finally, the functionality of a FileMaker-based system will not only help you with your data management initiatives, it will allow you to do things with your information you may have never thought possible. A fully functional solution will let you collect, process and store information in a way that promotes efficiency and increases business productivity.