Study: Less than half of marketers include customer behavior in their big data strategies

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 10, 2013

The benefits of big data are felt across the corporate landscape, but the nature of processing large quantities of information should, in theory, have the biggest positive impact on marketers. However, not enough professionals in the industry are taking advantage of it.

According to a study conducted by digital marketing technology company Silverpop Systems, only 45 percent of marketers are collecting behavioral data and using it to refine their marketing strategies. Considering the numerous benefits this type of information has to offer and the myriad ways marketers have access to it—through social media, for example—there is no real excuse as to why information isn’t being used to improve marketing efforts unless they lack adequate software to manage their data.

The advent of the information age has given businesses numerous new ways to connect with customers and, more importantly, monitor their behavior. Because of this, information flows from the consumer to the organization at a rapid pace. So if the collection of data isn’t the problem, the reason why over half of the marketing industry doesn’t capitalize on this valuable data must be their inability to properly process it within the organization.

A custom database software system is an ideal solution because it can allow companies to properly organize a data management strategy. This system can give users a real-time view of their information, which ultimately allows them to make smart decisions based on its merits. Developing a system in FileMaker can give companies a flexible solutions that properly fits all of their needs.