Why ad campaigns must adapt with changing technologies

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 10, 2013

As technology continues to evolve at a break-neck pace, businesses must remain current to ensure that they can advertise to their customers. Recent research shows though, that old ad campaign approaches will no longer have the same effect, and companies need to fine-tune their marketing to reach as many consumers as possible.

"Standard ad messaging and conventional creative executions and placement are rapidly becoming outmoded," Jeffrey Rayport, managing partner of the digital strategy firm MarketspaceNext, wrote in a Harvard Business Review contribution piece. "To win consumers' attention and trust, marketers must think less about what advertising says to its targets and more about what it does for them."

Rayport added that strong ad campaigns need more than just a beginning, middle and end. The offerings that are promoted must be able to have a rewarding presence in consumers' lives.

Furthermore, a survey conducted for BtoB (Business to Business) Magazine by Oracle's Eloqua division found that new marketing skill sets must include a knowledge of marketing technology — including customer relationship management systems — and analytics, among others.

Marketers must find the right balance between creativity and being technologically savvy. Understanding systems and data analysis is becoming more important, according to a Tennessean article that discussed the Eloqua study.

This is where a custom database software system can be highly beneficial. Companies that want to reach a wider consumer base, and ensure that they are being properly advertised to, will likely need to sift through a large amount of information.

Tools like FileMaker development can assist businesses in developing software programs that can handle a large amount of data and keep it organized. Then, ad campaigns can be designed to cater to whatever type of customer a company needs to reach out to.