E-readers find need for Big Data management

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 11, 2013

Custom database software is becoming more prevalent in the business world across numerous industries. As companies further integrate themselves into the digital age, it is more necessary to have a strong solution to help them sift through large amounts of information.

This blog previously discussed how books can be affected by the influx of Big Data, with libraries needing an organized way to filter through the information that must be managed. However, e-readers could also soon play a part in this trend.

According to the company website, Authorgraph is a service designed to enable authors and readers to connect through digital books. Authors can personally autograph material that is on Kindle and EPUB books. Originally called Kindlegraph, the business is an ideal option for readers to still get an autographed book, even if not in the same location as their favorite author.

"The company is starting to mine into its big data and is able to tap into popular trends of hot genres, authors, and a myriad of other factors," explained a Good e-Reader article.

Currently, over 7,000 authors are part of the digital community, and sign many books each day.

Authorgraph CEO Evan Jacobs told the news source that when it comes to requests for a particular author or genre, many customer trends seem to be seasonal, but some book categories being more popular than others are more difficult to predict. 

For example, May saw Travel increase by 83 percent but Religion and Spirituality decreased by 57 percent.

Within the next month, Authorgraph hopes to create a predictive analysis of emerging authors and the genres that are on the rise. Not only can this be beneficial in offering customers what they want, it can also help hopeful authors find a genre that will be profitable.