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DevCon 2013: Script Triggers, Workflow, and the User Experience

DevCon 2013: Script Triggers, Workflow, and the User Experience

Kyo Logic will be attending this year’s FileMaker Developer Conference (DevCon). Here is session highlight.

FileMaker Developer Conference 2013

Script Triggers, Workflow, and the User Experience
Presenter:   Thomas Kunetz (FileMaker, INC.)
Time:          Tues. August 13, 2013 3:45 pm
Track:         Design
Skill Level:   Intermediate

One of the most powerful paradigms in software development is event-driven programming; that is, a program that responds to events generated by the user or the host system, rather than relying on the user to complete a specific set of predefined steps to complete a given task. Script Triggers bring event-driven programming to the FileMaker Platform. Script Triggers execute scripts in response to user generated events such as entering fields or modifying values, and system events such as the first or last window opening or closing, or the passage of time.

This session explores the events that can be used to trigger script execution, and whether the event will trigger a script before or after the FileMaker application performs its own actions in response to the same event. The session will demonstrate how Script Triggers can implement a workflow in response to user interaction and help create a more pleasant and natural user experience. Finally, the session will look at techniques for debugging and troubleshooting event-driven scripts.

What you will learn:

  • Script triggers and the events that trigger them
  • When to use script triggers, or not
  • Using script triggers to build solid workflow and a better user experience
  • Debugging and troubleshooting an event-driven workflow
Justin Hesser

Kyo Logic