Kyo Logic to speak at two FileMaker developer events

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 30, 2013

On Thursday, May 16, our own Tim Neudecker is set to give two presentations in the Boston area on the subject of FileMaker development and the maintenance of FileMaker-based solutions. Leading off is a discussion with the Boston-Area FileMaker Development Association (BAFDA). Following that will be a speaking engagement with a joint session of the MIT/Harvard FileMaker Developer groups. 

These presentations are a part of Kyo Logic's effort to share ideas and increase each attendee's knowledge about FileMaker and software development as a whole. There are many smart and enthusiastic individuals in Boston and the surrounding area, and a number of them are interested in FileMaker and its features. Tim's speaking event is an opportunity to promote this kind of enthusiasm and present eager learners with an opportunity to walk away with greater knowledge about their applications.

We are always thrilled to partake in situations such as this. As an organization, we are proud to share our experience, enthusiasm and expertise about all topics pertaining to FileMaker development. It's this kind of passion that allowed us to win the 2003 FileMaker Inc excellence award for our support for the developer community. We have continued this level of commitment for the past 10 years and have taken it upon ourselves to encourage other individuals to get on board with FileMaker development and learn the skills needed to ensure they have created and are using a terrific application. 

The topic of this discussion will be virtual lists, where we will explore what they are and why they should be used. We hope each individual in attendance walks away with a better understanding of virtual lists and can go ahead and use that knowledge to improve the way they report and export information in FileMaker Pro. 

In addition to sharing our own knowledge, one of the best perks from these kinds of events is the information we take back from these speaking engagements. In a recent statement, Tim Neudecker expressed his own eagerness to learn just as much from the audience as they will learn from him. 

"I am looking forward to my visit with the Boston area FileMaker developers, I always learn new things from them when I present there," he said. 

BAFDA is a collection of FileMaker professionals around the New England area who come together to share ideas and discuss topics that interest them – some pertaining to FileMaker development and some not. They are a group of individuals who have shown tremendous passion when it comes to using FileMaker for custom application development. Building beautiful database software systems is something that each and every attendee is excited to talk about, so we are thrilled to join in on the conversation.

On the other side of the Charles River, the MIT and Harvard FileMaker developer groups represent incredibly smart and talented individuals who understand the value in FileMaker development and have grown to become passionate about the software and just what it can do to help create new applications. We expect a large number of young and energetic individuals at this event, a group of people that our CTO is excited to talk with.

About Kyo Logic

Based out of Westport, Connecticut, Kyo Logic has been providing the Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts areas with FileMaker development and support since 2002. Kyo's commitment to finding the best possible solution for every FileMaker user, in addition to taking an active leadership role in the developer community, is what sets it apart from the competition. 

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