Improved communication leads to increased productivity 

Posted by Justin Hesser on February 25, 2013

This blog has spoken at great length on the value of employee productivity. Productive workers enhance a company's ability to service its customers, increasing profitability. There are many things companies do to improve production, and communication is near the top of the list.

An article in the online publication Dynamic Business lists communication as one of the top steps companies must take to improve worker productivity. Collis Taeed, the author of the article, lists it as one of his top challenges as a business manager.

"One struggle I've had is to realize that talking to my team is some of the most important work I can do," Taeed writes. "By coaching and supporting them I'm assuring their effectiveness, and that trickles down throughout the whole organization. It's also a great way to hear ideas and eliminate inefficiencies or pain points. An employee who feels [they] can be honest will tell you when tasks are useless or a time sink, and that can be really difficult to see from the top of an organization."

It might sound good in theory to sit down and talk with employees about everything it requires to ensure a productive organization, but it's not as effective in practice. All workers – whether they are managers or end users – are busy throughout the day. They are constantly on the go, so sitting down to discuss ideas will likely lead to counter-productivity.

Instead, businesses should invest in the development of solutions that can promote collaboration and communication, even if workers aren't close to one another. To compensate for a lack of proximity, companies are installing database software systems which allows workers to store and share pertinent information. This allows for better decision making.

This software will also assist with team building and allow valuable ideas to be shared at a greater rate. These benefits will improve all facets of an organization.