Improve the procurement process with FileMaker-based software

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 16, 2013

Procurements allow companies to acquire the solutions needed to benefit their organization and grow. Investments into new tools, technology or services that deliver a strong return on investment can do wonders for a business, but all purchasing strategies must be properly managed.

As it is still early January, many companies are likely still finalizing their budgets for 2013. Spending has been reduced across a number of industries in recent years due to the economic downturn, but it is still a necessity. Budget plans must consider the need to procure new products and services.

Keeping this process organized can be a challenge. Requisitions are filled out from different departments, proposals are submitted, purchasing cards are issued and all actions likely have to flow to the top so they can be signed off by a CFO or CEO. Every department head likely thinks their needs supersede others, so in order to get those met, everything must be done with the utmost efficiency.

By developing a custom database software system designed to track departmental budgets, depreciate assets and organize all other pieces of pertinent financial information, the risks of improper spending can be drastically reduced. This solution can also assist in organizing the proposal process, which in turn increases the likelihood in which they will be met.

A FileMaker-based system can also accommodate a number of different user needs. For example, many companies are implementing a bring-your-own-device strategy. If users need to access or build data on a mobile device, embarking in custom application development can assist with that.

Ultimately, every financial decision must be made to benefit the company. That can only happen if decision makers have access to proper resources. A customized software system will help present them with all the information they need.