Database software can help make important business changes

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 22, 2013

Businesses need the flexibility to change processes whenever doing so is required. Oftentimes, any delay in making operational adjustments could cause irreparable damage to an organization. Whether internal processes change or customer behavior requires companies to amend their product lines and marketing strategies, they have to be made efficiently.

Take the retailer Borders Group, Inc., owners of the once-popular book, movie and music retailer. The company was once one of the prominent sellers of media, but it failed to adjust to changing times and in 2011, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There were many reasons why the company went out of business, but one of the main theories is that it didn’t adjust to consumer reading habits.

A couple of years before Borders closed, the e-reader exploded on the scene and many readers ditched their paperbacks for tablet-sized devices. Amazon’s Kindle began the trend, which was later picked up by Barnes & Noble – Borders’ closest competitor. Borders, however, did not incorporate a tremendous amount of resources into developing its own e-reader. This half-hearted effort was recognized by consumers and the device did not sell well.

Had Borders been able to view pertinent consumer data, it may have been able to adjust its offerings with greater success. Instead, the company is now closed.

Companies need to be able to view information and make necessary changes when their data suggests that doing so is required for future viability. Jason Whitehead, a contributor with the online publication Customer Think, suggests that necessary changes vary in how easy they are to identify.

“While some changes are harder to map out and recognize [e.g., organizational culture change] other changes [e.g., adopting a new system or adhering to new policies] can be mapped out with clarity,” Whitehead writes.

By implementing a FileMaker-built custom database software system, organizations should be able to identify and organize all important information and make proper changes accordingly.