Custom database software helps track energy efficiency initiatives

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 23, 2013

Earlier this month, this blog examined the fact that a number of companies are looking to decrease their carbon footprint as a 2013 initiative and discussed the strategies that can assist in that action. Custom application development can help increase the usefulness of mobile devices in the workplace, which in turn limits the amount of traditional energy used in a standard office space. However, simply suggesting that these plans will go into effect is not enough, as companies must ensure they have implemented a system designed to track any energy-saving project.

Any organized plan should be properly managed with the right database software. If a company is truly committed to reducing energy consumption, it is crucial to develop a system that tracks energy usage while allowing organizations to map out energy-related goals and strategies.

More companies expected to focus on energy efficiency in 2013

Power quality professional Michael Mallia spoke recently with the online publication ARN Net about the energy efficiency trend that has taken over a number of industries. He indicated that the trend’s growth will continue on its steady path in the coming year.

“It will be more of the same and we don’t foresee anything too significant taking place,” Mallia said, although he agreed that space consolidation is a trend that should continue to grow. “Businesses may decide to consolidate facilities, and that will become more prominent this year.”

Mallia went on to say that energy efficiency will be driven by a number of needs. While saving the planet is a good idea in theory and it does wonders for public relations, what’s really fueling the need to cut down on energy usage is the rising costs of heat and electricity.

Developing a program in FileMaker will give companies the resources needed to properly focus on cost-effective energy management programs.